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May 18, 2020
Cleaned up my older Winchester Defender 1300 to sell since I recently bought a Benelli M3 and M4. Now I’m having second thoughts. Pumps are getting a premium but I forgot how great they look with og wood stocks without a pistol grip. Also the one piece extended mag tube just gives it clean lines. Was lucky enough to get one of the ONG Remington 870 folders when they went up for sale several years ago. So I was originally thinking 4 defense shotguns is too many, but now I’m like I don’t not need 4 of them....


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Jan 23, 2009
New Braunfels, TX
HD shotguns....there's at least 6 around here, including 2 KSG's. Got my super-shorty 12 pump, a coupla sawed-off shotties (12, 20 an' a 410), and likely a couple more if I really cared to think about it.

Who "needs" 'em? Who cares? lol


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Nov 22, 2011
Cleaned up my older Winchester Defender 1300 to sell...
I've mentioned it before but you're new so you may not know and your picture is the perfect prompt for me to tell the story again.

My mom loved shotguns. She never spent more than $100 for a gun at a garage sale but she aggressively looked for guns at yard sales. I know I have two of those Winchesters; I may have three. Knowing mom got them all for probably $50 each kinda warms my heart these days.

Well, that and the $50 or $100 Colt .32 revolver and the $40 no-name 12 ga SxS and, well, let's just say "a few more".

Come to think of it, when it comes to guns I wish I was half as smart as my mom was. To wit:
  • Back when we lived in a more isolated location, when I was a kid, on every trip into San Antonio for supplies she'd buy 1000 rounds of .22LR.
    • "You can never have too much .22LR."
  • She was the one who convinced me to buy my SKS and encouraged me to get several.
    • "It's a functional, reliable semi-auto rifle that shoots cheap ammo for $70. You should buy a half dozen."
  • She insisted I go to Academy and get at least one 1000-round box every time aluminum Blazer 9mm went on sale for $3/box.
    • "Isn't that the caliber you shoot the most? Didn't you say that was cheaper than you could reload it? Well, then you can never have enough."
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