How modern liberals think

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    This isn't really a news article however I felt this was the best place for this thread. I've watched this excellent video by The Heritage Foundation. I've watched it many times and feel it is truly an excellent and informative video on what makes the true hardcore liberals out there tick. I realize there are plenty of gun owners and other people that consider themselves liberals, but please know that neither I nor this video are intending to say that these things are true of all liberals. If you look back into the history of conservatism and liberalism you will find that both groups, to a degree, have been taken over by "modern" perversions that are neither conservative or liberal. There is a big difference between classic liberalism and classic conservatism in comparison to their modern counterparts, which many call "Modern Liberalism" and "Neo Conservatism". So please know that this isn't aimed at all liberals, but simply those that subscribe to modern liberalism and operate with the mentality of a 5 year old. I highly recommend everyone watch this video. It's 47 minutes long but will open your eyes, believe me:

    YouTube - HERITAGE FOUNDATION: "How Modern Liberals Think"
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    I posted several links in case one goes down.

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    That's the problem. They do not think, they scheme. How can I take more control? How can I get more power? What is in it for me?...
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    ...what he said....
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    Being a senior citizen I've voted both Republican and Democrat throughout my life and simply I find myself unable to identify with either in past few years,Liberals have moved so far left they have become child like and the GOP worshiping at the feet of so called "free Trade" turns me off and it is part of the reason we are now in so much trouble economically.

    In truth neither represent me and at this stage in my life I see very small chance of a true leader that will change our country to what it once was.
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    I think the direction both parties have gone, they don't represent anyone but their own self interests.

    Look at current Congressional activity. Regardless of how critical and serious this stuff is, look how the votes are falling in. Look at any Congressperson being interviewed and notice how it is from deep on one
    side of the isle or the other as they continue to point to the other party as the problem. The Media feeds it as well. It's us against them and instead of working things out in the best interest of their constituents/the Country, it's a pissing match to see who can pee higher on the others leg. I think have of them don't have a clue what legislation really is, they just know they vote with the crowd to prove who's got the muscle.
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    Found a funny cartoon that represents the opposite:

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    That quote was taken out of contex.

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