How to move a heavy gun safe

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    Have decided that in the future, I'll hire it being moved, learned my lesson the hard way. Early March of last year as I was preparing to move from Vegas back to Texas, I took it upon myself to move my small four gun Liberty safe with a traditional loading dolly. I had done it that way a couple of times before several years earlier. Did ok getting it out of the walk in closet, but as I went to move it out to the garage, I felt like something in my back ripped. Hired out the rest of the moving as I was totally down for a couple of weeks. Two doctor visits and xrays over the next six month period, I'm told I have arthritis, and not that bad for my age. Now after a year plus of slow healing of what I have been convinced was my spine being slightly out of alignment, and pressure on a nerve, I had a CT scan done two weeks ago for a cardiology and vein exam and as a note at the end of the report it mentioned that I show a "healed over" fracture in two vertebrae, one in the area I felt the ripping sensation.

  2. I've just cardboard to slide on carpet. I've use a good dolly. I've used lots of guys. Up stairs, down stairs. I've use carpet to slide it on wood floors.

    I LIKE those ideas on the first page, golf balls and soft balls. I'm going to have to remember that. I've got a bucket full of hard baseballs already.
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    Removing the door helps
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    I work for this company, but this is the sort of thing our product is good for. -- I know it says furniture, but you can just list it as a safe.
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    for those of you that keep your gun safes in the garage - is humidity ever an issue taht causes the guns to rust faster?
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    I always kept a Golden Rod in mine. My reloading stuff would rust up pretty quickly if I left it in my garage so I didn't go without it.
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    appliance dolly is what i used.

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