How to stop smoking.. Ideas/Hints for smokers

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  • accordingtoome

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    Oct 13, 2008
    greetings all, first off let me say that I tried to quit about 60 times in the 12 years i smoked. (age 16 to 28) I would go a day or two and flip out and reach for a cigg. I would start a fight with someone just so i had a reason to light up... And as far as anger problems i was a 10 out of 10 on the jerk scale. I have several holes in the wall to prove it.

    Second, I can not stand it when a non-smoker tells you how easy it is to quit.. its not easy at all. It was the hardest thing i have ever done. but it can be done. I have now been a non smoker for over 2 years and have NO desire to smoke at all. NONE.

    On a average day i was a 2pack a day smoker. if i went out maybe 3. I would chain smoke 4 or 5 at a time useing one to light another.
    It was pretty bad. (reds and cools)
    Then one day i just quit. On my way to work i stopped at a 7/11 and picked up a pack of reds. I got to work and clocked in (i work alone graveyard) and sat at the computer.. Then a thought hit me that i should really quit smoking. As if someone was telling me this in the back of my head. I looked at my pack sitting there unopened on the desk just waiting for me... Then i threw it in the trash. It was strange that after the last three years of trying so hard to quit, lying to people about my smoking habits that i would just quit out of nowhere. But i did, its been some years now and like i said before i have no desire to smoke. And i hang out with a lot of smokers. Im not telling anyone to stop smoking. If you like it then its your right to smoke but if you ever thought about quiting here are a few hints that really helped me through the first three days.. after three days its a cakewalk

    1. for the first few days hang out only with people that do not smoke. As smokers can be pretty mean to someone thats trying to quit
    2. carry a bottle of water arround everywhere you go for the first few days. This helped me in two ways. The average craving last for about 2 minutes. If you drink a lot of water this seems to kill it pretty fast and holding the bottle helps with keeping your hands busy. This was also great as i did not eat as much and gain a ton of weight as the water made me feel full.
    3. Stay in bed as much as you can for the first day. As its a lot easier to sleep through a craving than going out or wondering arround the house.
    4. Going to the local gym was also a great help. just go in there with your bottle of water and start walking on a tredmill for an hour or so.
    5. Make a list of pros and cons about smoking and how it affects your life/money/family... etc.. It really helps you face reality if your staring at good reasons to quit.
    6. Remember if you can go three days its out of your system nomatter how many years you smoked. after that its all mental.

    I hope this helps and please add to this list.


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    Oct 8, 2008
    I want to start out saying that: Yes, I agree with you, it's not easy to quit, but you can do it.

    I'd like to share my story, perhaps it may give some helpful hints.
    I quit smoking about 12+ years ago, at the time I was (still am) a single parent of a 6 year old daughter that has gone through a great ordeal. I've tried the patch, the gum, the fake plastic cigarette... etc. Nothing really worked, that was because deep inside I really didn't want to give them up.,
    Even though I've always smoked outside (even at home) to not expose my daughter to 2nd hand smoke, I loved smoking.
    The day came, when my daughter came up to me and said: "Daddy, I don't want your lungs to get sick and die." Me: "Who told you that?" Her: "Bill Nye the science guy"
    That moment I was speechless....I didn't know what to tell her.
    That night, very troubled by this, I started to analyze things:

    1- I love to smoke
    2- Smoking will eventually kill me
    3- Meaning that I love slowly and knowingly killing myself
    4- I love my daughter
    5- If something were to happen to me... what would become of her?
    6- OMG how selfish I am to continue doing something so harmful in the end deny my child her father, her only parent.

    I took my open pack and threw them away. Never smoked again since.

    Now, here are things that helped me get through it:

    - Fruit flavored candy, like Starburst helps curve the cravings. Alot has to do with the citric acid
    - Breathing in and holding it and slowly letting it out
    - Self motivation and control

    I used to carry a SEALED pack of cigarette with me in my jacket everywhere I went. This was like a security blanket... I would tell myself: "Okay, if I can't handle it anymore I'll smoke one..." But every time I got so close to ripping that pack open... I would think "You've gone 'X' amount of days... just one more day, so I wouldn't have to start all over."
    Well, days went by and months and even years.... after 3 years I threw the "security pack" away. Been smoke free ever since and I thank my daughter even today that she is 19 years old for perhaps saving my life.


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    Oct 8, 2008
    ditto that again.. smokers hate to lose one of their own hahaha.. they like to offer.. "ohh im sorry i forgot you quite.. " or "mmm man that feels good"

    Well, it's not just for that, real friends would be supportive. It's to get out of the routine of things. For example: Going outside with your buddies during smoke breaks. Avoid temptations. Throw away all ashtrays..

    The best way to win a fight is not to be in one at all.


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    Mar 9, 2008
    Between Tomball & Waller
    I went threw about a ton of tooth picks and gum when I quit.
    I was splitting logs with a 8 pound splitting wedge little bigger than an ax
    and started to get very dizzy,broke out in cold sweat and the heart was pounding in my head I thought I was about to cash it in.
    After that I just threw the cigs away never looked back.
    That was in 1980 before all the patches and stuff came along.
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