Howdy from New Guy in Austin area


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Dec 4, 2008
Central Tx.
Hi guys joined in from browsing over at the Texas gun trader. Like the site, and postings. Feels like home already.

Have a few handguns, long guns and hunting rigs. Member over at Austin Rifle Club and go to local ranges. Any long range places to shoot?

Would like to get into reloading down the road so looking to read more on your likes and recommendations on reloading gear.

Always looking to add to the collection as well.



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Jul 15, 2008
Red River, Texas

...can't help you with ranges, BUT I can give you good advice: get into Reee-loading! start now=buy a gently used, pre-owned press at a Funshow, usually 50% off retail! Next time, buy dies, next time, powder, etc.

Then, WOLA! you are good-to-go!

I am living proof that a dummy like me can even reload. been doing it for 20+ years. save $$$$$ and it beats watching the telly in winter. ('cept football games!)
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