Huge increase of coyotes in williamson county


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Nov 17, 2008
Kempner Texas
I was wondering has anyone else noticed a huge increase in coyotes in Williamson county,Near liberty hill.about six months their medium size dog was killed.the only thing left was a ball of first it was believed it was a mountain lion because several has been killed in the area.
normally deer are heavy on the land and i have no trouble filling my tags early.this year nothing.I haven't even seen one.a neighbor across the river raises goats and has been over ran with coyotes so much that he hired a trapper to kill them.I'M sure the goats has a lot to bring in the coyotes,but I'm wondering if other areas are affected also but without any goats or sheep around.if this is isolated then i know the goats are to blame.
looks like i will be a coyote hunter this year.,or find another place to hunt.


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Apr 1, 2008
Lago Vista
I live near Lake Travis in Travis County and we've been hearing them howling every day for weeks. I can hear them -- and so can Shiner, the wonderbeagle -- when we take a walk at dawn every day. Both of us are a bit jumpy, packing my PM9 just in case ...

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