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    I found out about an excellent training class. It's easily within driving distance and is a great chance to get some important training.

    I got this from the LA board:

    Ditch Medicine

    The purpose of this class is to provide a comprehensive course that equips the tactical operator or lay person with the concepts and skill sets necessary to provide life saving emergency medical intervention. The program begins with the goal of extending the 'Platinum 10 Minutes' to allow the victim of interpersonal violence entry into the EMS system. Understanding the commonalities between this problem and the military TCCC model and the differences between these situations and the conventional civil EMS/ Public Safety model serve as a framework upon which the more advanced skill sets are introduced.

    The goals of the course are three fold:

    1) to ensure that the student obtains a degree of knowledge that
    allows him to provide confident, effective basic life support

    2) to provide exposure to advanced life support techniques that will
    allow the student to become a useful adjunct to a paramedic

    3) to enable the student to be a knowledgeable and competent advocate
    of the need for medical training, particularly among the gun carrying


    Military Medicine/Tactical Combat Casualty Care model
    Tactical Medicine
    Kinematics of Trauma
    Patient Assessment and Management
    Hemorrhage Control
    Airway Management: Basic airways up to advanced techniques such as
    endotracheal intubation & surgical airways.
    Thoracic Trauma: Basic intervention up to needle chest decompression
    Head Trauma
    Abdominal Trauma
    Musculoskeletal Trauma
    Spinal Trauma
    Shock and Fluid Resuscitation:
    Recognition of shock and management with IV/IO techniques.
    Medical Emergencies: Allergic & Diabetic Reactions, Asthma, etc.
    Dental Trauma
    Blast Injury
    Thermal Trauma
    Emergency Helicopter Operations
    Gear & equipment selection

    Taught By Hugh Coffee, Lead Instructor

    Hugh L. Coffee has worked as a paramedic/firefighter for over twenty years. During this time he has held both line and administrative positions at the county and state level as well as hospital administration. His Master’s degree is in Public Administration. Hugh is the author of Ditch Medicine published by Paladin Press. His magazine articles have been carried in Soldier of Fortune and American Survival Guide. While active with the Kaibil, Guatemala’s special forces, Hugh provided combat medic instruction and field care in forward areas. He has also carried out similar duties in Kenya and the Sudan. In the field of tactical medicine, Hugh has lectured in the United States and Europe. He is a graduate of the basic and advanced United States Park Police’s CONTOMS (Counter Narcotics Tactical Operations Medical Support) program as well as Heckler & Koch’s tactical medicine program. Hugh presently serves as the team leader for the tactical medics assigned to the Henry County Police SWAT team. Some of the special operations courses he has completed are: The United States Army’s SRT (Special Response Team) and Field Tactical Police Operations courses, FBI Basic SWAT Course as well as Clayton Regional Police Academy’s SWAT Officer’s Course. Hugh is also a Dive Master and has completed explosives courses ranging from Counter Landmine Awareness to Tactical Explosive Entry.

    Ditch Medicine
    15/16 August 2009
    Kenner, LA

    Tuition is $350. Fee includes an individual tramuatic injury/ blowout kit.

    50% Deposit can be sent to Paul Gomez/POB 87334/Baton Rouge/LA/70879-8334.

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