Hunters Extravaganza in Houston this weekend.


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Apr 1, 2021
Central Texas
Every year I take my best friend to the Texas Trophy Hunters Hunters Extravaganza in Houston and pay for it and a nice meal afterward for his birthday. We have attended for 10 years now. This year we have the pleasure of taking my two grown Son's and 10 year old Grandson. I am really looking forward to it since last years Extravaganza was cancelled due to Covid. Well my oldest son, who lives in Montgomery, just called and Houston is making wearing a mask in ALL public places mandatory as of this Friday. I still plan on going but what a bummer that's going to be. Due to my health problems I took the 2 dose Moderna vaccine to hopefully prevent possible contraction of that damn disease but with this new strain I've heard it is not fully effective in preventing contraction. So if you are in Houston or traveling to Houston, looks like the masks are back!
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Jul 24, 2018
IIRC, Gov. Abbott said that the county and city only only have authority to recommend wearing masks, but they cannot mandate them. That does not, however, prevent the event from mandating the masks.

I did hear that Harris County Judge Hidalgo was highly recommending the use of masks indoors for all people regardless of vaccine status.

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