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Hunting rifle

Discussion in 'Rifles' started by TheProphet, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. TheProphet

    TheProphet Member

    Jan 11, 2015
    Wife wants to get a rifle for deer season. Went to a few stores this weekend and were shown some of the cheaper options, like Savage and such, as well as Tikka which we thought was really nice, since it felt much like the Sako without the price tag. She also liked the 2 stage trigger that some of the Savage rifles have. I personally tried to talk her into an AR-15 or the 1959 Mossberg .270 one of the shops had that was in great condition but since it's her rifle I want to let her pick. She's leaning toward a .30-06 but she'll take any and all advice she can get.

  2. Ole Cowboy

    Ole Cowboy TGT Addict

    May 23, 2013
    17 Oaks Ranch
    30 06 was the CALIBER of the day and I remember those days. WOW you blow a White Tail deer from the face of the earth, hell I knew guys that hunted squirrels with a 30 06. Soldiers came back from WWII who had used the M1 and Browning BAR and they were killers on the battlefield. Add to that the thousands of 1903 being dumped on the market by the govt along with Sam Cummings America's Arms Merchant brings in German rifles by the BOAT load and big calibers ruled.

    Everyone knew the big calibers worked best of BIG game and deer was not big game, more meat was lost than got to the dinner table, but suddenly the .243 appeared and it become the hottie of the 50's and into the 60's in deer camps and it worked and worked will.

    The .270 is a great rd, in fact from a ballistics view its one of the best, but started a downhill slide with the intro of the 5.56, which really became a short action vs long action and that made the .270 long in the tooth.

    If you cannot talk her into something smaller than a 30 06, like a .243 which is what my wife has then I would push hard on the 6.5 CM.

  3. FireInTheWire

    FireInTheWire Smooth like a tidal wave. Take you on a getaway. TGT Supporter

    Jan 22, 2018
    Big Country
    I'm with Cowboy on this one. I'm a recoil snob. No point in fighting the recoil if she's not long range hunting
  4. grasshopperglock

    grasshopperglock Cruise Control

    Jan 5, 2012
    Lol, she will HATE a 30-06. It'll rattle her brain.

    Another vote for 243win.
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  5. SloppyShooter

    SloppyShooter Certifiable

    Apr 24, 2018
    White Settlement, Texas
    Depends. I'm a skinny guy and been shooting large caliber guns since I was a kid. I don't go plinking with them, but shooting them enough to zero them in for hunting and shooting them for hunting, a 30.06 ain't that bad.
  6. grasshopperglock

    grasshopperglock Cruise Control

    Jan 5, 2012
    Put her on a bench and set her up behind the rifle. Tell her she needs to put six rounds of 30-06 into a paper dinner plate at 100yards. Same ammo she'll use for hunting. All 6.

    I agree, 30-06 isn't bad. It's a serous Whop if you're expecting it to kick. Which it will.

    243 has a snap. I've seen quite a few deer taken with it. Lots more enjoyable.
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  7. EZ-E

    EZ-E Infidel Patriot

    May 4, 2017

    second the .243,
    if you want to spend more $$$ you can always do a 6.8 Grendel upper on a AR15 lower :asniper:
  8. SloppyShooter

    SloppyShooter Certifiable

    Apr 24, 2018
    White Settlement, Texas
    But do it a week before you go hunting, so her shoulder can heal. LOL.
  9. avvidclif

    avvidclif RFTW 2010

    Aug 30, 2017
    Van Zandt County
    I've hunted deer since the 60"s with a 243. No problems. I have a Savage in 6.5Cm and it just seems to have softer recoil than the 243. Maybe just my perception. To me the 223 would be fine but it's not a beginners gun. It requires better shot placement than the 243 or 6.5
  10. sucker76

    sucker76 Don't let the username fool you

    Nov 15, 2015
    Lake Jackson
    I grew up shooting garands and 03's. I loved shooting them. My first deer rifle I bought when I was 20 was a Browning Abolt2 30-06. Then I got a Remy 30-06. It was the caliber to get. having said all that, my new hunting rifle is a Ruger RAP 6.5CM. Its lighter, a tad more accurate and easier on the shoulder for equal results. I still shoot my beloved warhorse but pack the short action to the stand now.

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