I hate dodges


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Nov 22, 2008
Red River Way
Besides the fact that I just finished rebuilding the rear diff. on a 3500 which is a major PITA due to the 3 different shims just on th pinion, I'm having to do it because so jackass ran it out of fluid. Then to top it off my evaporator on my personal Dodge went out and you have to pull the dash almost all the way out just to change it.


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Jan 23, 2009
If it has fenders I don't work on it. If the body aint held on with Zeus fasteners, I don't work on it. If the body aint hinged at the rear, I don't work on it!
I'll turn wrenchs on the race car any day but don't ask me to fix nothin on a Modern marvel. I deal with late model vehicle repairs every day over the phone, don't want nothin to do with them after that.
I turned wreches and raced for years and can't aford how fast I like to go any more.:mad:
So I feel for ya!!
My heart goes out to ya!!
I sucks twice as bad when its your own because it don't pay nothin - only cost ya time and money!
Call Obama see if he will send you a stimulus mechanic!!!!
Those are the guys that talk about how to fix it, poke it with a extension, spend 3 million on research to see if there is a cheaper way to do it and then go back to DC to run for reelection.
Oh buy the way, if you did not notice, they didn't fix shit either! ROFLMAO!

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