I have to show off my new blaster

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  • RIATAC45

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    I bought this today, I'm planning to use it for CC. I got it from a friend of mine, he bought it new and put 20rds through it in the last 2 years. I came with 2ea 12rd mags, a holster, and 30rds of WWB personal protection hollow points.

    He used it for the first time about 3months ago as his side arm for pig hunting. The first pig didn't die after he shot it with his rifle, so he used this to finish him off. Unfortunatly for the pig it took 2 shots to do so. He won't use a pistol he can't trust to do the job the first time so, he decided it was time for this to go. I bought it for $225 and he even brought it to me.




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    Mac - I'm hoping the accuracy problems he had with it were user error. He has always been a revolver man, and this was his first and last auto.

    Foosa and SO758 - No, nothing else or I would have got them also. I'll let you know if I hear of any good deals tho.

    Longtooths - I'm hoping it won't have any issues, I'll let you know how it does after I get some range time with it.


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    Mar 4, 2008
    I think the 9mm will be more accurate.I am used to the recoil of the 40 ammo.Had to keep the ramp clean(every 60 rounds) or it would FTF.


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    Mac - I wondered if the ramp in this thing would be a problem area, being really steep and all. I'm gonna polish the ramp real good if I have a feeding issue, to see if that will help. I know it helped my 1911 a bunch, so I don't think it could hurt.

    I hear ya Machinisttx, He used to use a Ruger Single Six with the .22 mag cylinder. One shot right between the eyes and its lights out. The ammo he was using was for shootin' 2 legged pigs. I don't know where he got the idea that a 9mm with a 3"bbl would do the job with WWB 115gr. HPs, or be better than the good old .22 mag.


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    Mar 13, 2008
    South Central Texas
    I have been carrying the Kel-Tec PT-145 for a couple of years now. It is very reliable, accurate and a hoot to shoot. I have heard good things about your gun as well.

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