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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by vmax, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Jul 2, 2017
    Androgel is applied to the shoulders. Super easy.

    Side effects for injectables are much more pronounced than topical. And can be identified easily with doctor supervision and regular bloodwork.

    If your body is making less than the minimal amount, who cares if it stops making it and you're using a topical daily? It's not like your body will ever produce more than it is today - in fact, it will always produce less in the future than it does today.

    Everyone is different, and i screwed the pooch in my bodybuilding days when I took injectable steroids.

    My T levels were extremely low, and it took a while (via legal testosterone injections by my doc) just to get to a level where a topical could maintain normal levels.

    I suggest going to a doc that specializes in men's health. If you have treatable low T, it truly is game changing.

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    Apr 15, 2013
    zu viel Milch for sure
  3. vmax

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    Apr 15, 2013
    well, I've been lifting with free weights for a month on and off. Seeing some changes and liking it.
    I'm looking into doing it on a more serious level.
    I got measured the other day and I'm at 27.8 % body fat. That's down from 32% about 4.5 months ago

    I'd like to get down to about 20 and be more lean

    The problem is, that I'm struggling to consume as much protein as they say I need to build muscle properly.
    I'm 6'6"/264 so .8 grams per lb is 211 grams those are 844 calories alone

    When I throw in the fat/carbs, I'm going way over 2000/day and I have been on a calorie budget of 1800 / day for months. That and exercise is how I lost 60 lbs.

    Now I have to eat about 400 more calories a day in order to hit my protein goals.
    I feel full all of the time.
    I didn't even want to eat dinner tonight but ended up with a couple of scrambled eggs and some deer sausage.
    Eating is a chore now.

    I used the well known Katch-McArdle formula to determine my BMR and TDEE

    I knew my BMR was around 2000, but the math showed it to be 2244 so with my activity figured in, I am expending right at 3000 calories a day , according to the book Bigger Leaner Stronger and the formula in it.

    I'm using the whey protein no problems with digestion. I might go with a casein protein next time just to try it.

    I'm going with a 40 minute lifting routine every other day and I'm going to keep doing my mountain bike about 5 days a week for cardio.

    Progressive overloading, nutrition, rest and hydration...

    Gonna give this a 60-90 day trial run and see
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    Nov 15, 2015
    Good luck. I've also started free weights to work my upper body.
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    Nov 21, 2008
    Alcohol is bad to treat both pain and sleep. You are doing yourself no favors.

    Google sleep hygiene. Just friendly advice.
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