Ideas For Making a Small Hibachi Style Grill.........


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May 9, 2013
The Big Country
Shipped with "dry air" stenciled on them
Valves gave been open since 2008.
I think it'll be uneventful.
Never mind then. Hafta find some other entertainment somewhere else.


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Dec 15, 2019

@contender buff, that is pretty interesting! I think I know where a couple of those terra-cotta pots might be.
If I had the tools, skills and free time...I would lean pretty heavy this way.

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Now it really cool too!
I've got a couple of cylinders.
Like an oxygen cylinder, but came from Brazil and not DOT.
I think I'll split one and make a few of these.
End plate material is laying around here somewhere.
I think you should go for it.


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Dec 27, 2020
FreeStateuv IN
This may work! Perfect size for two burgers, or a squirrel!
12 briquets.
I've already fixed supper, so this is just a trial run. If anything I might need to make the vent holes a little bit bigger.
You ever grill an old squirrel without parboiling it you won't do it again. Half grown summer squirrel you can get away with it. You know. One of those little 6" long breakfast squirrels?


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Oct 14, 2017
In the woods...
12 briquets are getting white and will be ready for the steak to go on about 7:00.
I had to use lighter fluid, which I don't normally do. I always use a charcoal chimney when I grill with charcoal. But 12 briquettes didn't even cover the bottom. So, there's our next project - a mini charcoal chimney.
I'll let you know how it works.

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