IDPA Postal Match

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    IDPA Postal Match
    To all IDPA shooters:

    TR-PC IDPA will sponsor its second IDPA POSTAL MATCH at our September 19th. match. The scores will be
    sent to IDPA headquarters and will be tallied against hundreds of IDPA shooters from around the world.

    Non IDPA member's scores will not be included with the POSTAL MATCH, but will be posted at club level.

    This will be a four stage match, and as always lunch will be included and regular match fees will apply. Set-up is
    at 0700, sign-in begins at 0800, and safety meeting and squad assignment at 0900.

    So if you want to see how you stand against the rest of the world, come on out and join us.

    IDPA members, please include your card number on your sign-in and score sheets.

    Kenneth Stutts
    Match Director TR-PC IDPA
    IDPA # 12372

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