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Aug 9, 2013
south of killeen
Welcome back.
Hope the pain is better. I have lived with near constant pain for more years than I care to remember. No fun.

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Dec 20, 2013
New Braunfels
The MailMan,

Go outside for a while.

It's absolutely beautiful right now.

It'll chase off the demons and make you feel better.

Do it!
Absolutely Agree! I believe in the 6 Pillars of health more each day. I'd be glad to point folks towards learning resources if asked, but my 6 pillars are below. I and trying to deliberately incorporate each into my life as much as possible:

1. Eat REAL, mostly plant-based, whole, healthy foods

2. Spend time outside daily. Boonies are great, but a city park or a green quiet back yard with plants is still better than inside

3. Unplug! Pray, meditate, quiet your mind. Focus on being calm.

4. Socialize. Church groups/range buddies/volunteering to help others...all positive, face to face interaction is great for your health

5. Challenge your brain. Creative brain exercises like learning music, language, problem solving, animal training, learning to so things with your "off hand", etc., all challenge your brain and grow it, warding off dementia and other degenerative brain issues

6. Exercise daily. Walking is great, but as we get older, we need to incorporate functional health and mobility exercises into a daily routine. Resistance bands, a few light dumbbells/kettle bells, and a smash ball are a great start and take little room. Just get some GOOD instruction to learn proper form and it may change your life like it's doing for me.


Aug 1, 2014
Welcome back! Watch out for the depression part of what you are going through; I can tell you from experience that it can sneak up on you and do you in. I went through a bout years ago and would not accept it until everyone around me told me to my face.

I did some research and found that increasing seratonin level in the brain helps so I started taking 5-HTP and have been taking it for years. My depression eased and insomnia went away.

don’t mean to prescribe, just want you to know there is help and we are here


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Hang in there man. Winter doesn't help with the depression. Get outside and get some sun when ya can. Gotta get the blood flowing... of course this is coming from the guy not in pain.

Gotta get some gun powder in the air.
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