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Jan 22, 2013
San Marcos
Sorry I never saw this before. I work for an international company with an office/manufacturing facility in San Marcos. We are currently looking for:

* A CNC programmer/machinist. We've got a couple of CNC's that we make lots of small, crazy-ass parts on.
* A person who with good mechanical skills who can help us assemble the instruments we make.
* A metrologist/calibration person - not a meteorologist - people who can run pressure calibrations etc.

Home - Mensor. Good, negotiable bennies, family oriented, solid company. Corporate company is privately owned - don't care about quarterly profits like a public place and is > 500 million Euros/year. We've been growing at about 12-15% per year for the last five years. Building a new $8 million dollar+ building next year in land we already purchased next to us. We need some peeps.
Thank You, email on the way....
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