Joe Horn shooting...

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    Mar 10, 2008
    I am not surprised that Mr. Horn was no billed. Removal of 2 criminals from the taxpayer supported payrolls was fine with the Grand Jury.


    TGT Addict
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    May 28, 2008
    Ft Worth, TX
    I am glad Mr Horn was no billed. However, it does not mean the GJ thinks he was justified or endorses his actions.

    A no-bill means the GJ did not believe that there was probable cause presented to charge him and go to trial. It is not like an acquittal.


    Resident Septuagenarian
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    Feb 29, 2008
    A quote from a member on another Forum...

    "To borrow from Clint Eastwood.....when you kill a man, you take away all that he is, and all that he will ever be.......
    Serious stuff. Life-changing stuff.
    I pray that I will never be in a situation similar to what Mr. Horn experienced, but, if I am, I hope I can muster the strength of conviction to respond in similar fashion.
    When YOU break the windows of my house and climb in with the intent of taking what I own, you also must negotiate in your own mind how you will react to finding my family, whether it it is my wife asleep with my child, my parents watching an old movie on television, or whatever - with the least chance of exposing yourself as the perpetrator of the crime.
    YOU then become the judge and jury - the arbiter of who and what, if you let them live, will be an acceptable risk to your freedom and the progression of your ill gotten gains.
    So, you break into the house next door and I hear the commotion. This time, it's only a bag of goods....or is it? I don't know what slaughter you have left behind. Should I hide in my house and just trust to God that you haven't killed, let you just run off and give you the benefit of the doubt that next time it won't be me or another innocent family? Or should I take action and assure that even if you have, you won't again?
    People, I ask you.......who in their RIGHT MIND would NOT have done what Joe Horn did?
    Life happens in the moment, folks. 20-20 hindsight is the rhetoric of failure and ineffectiveness.
    What if Joe Horn had had them in his sights and NOT fired, Letting them run off, and later they discovered two murdered grandparents and two sodomized and strangled grandchildren in that house? What would THOSE headlines have said?
    And how would old Joe live with that, ya think?
    You can't have it both ways, folks.
    Make up your mind. Mine's already made, thanks."


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    Jun 19, 2008
    Amarillo, Texas
    I agree with Pappy. I was reading the other day on another forum the responses from people regarding the man who was found beating his 2 year old son to death on a country road in Kaliforniastahn. 2 elderly people came upon this nightmare and actually TRIED to intervene, but the mental furball was able to just push them away. They were eldery for pity's sake, but they still tried. There were a ton of replies wondering why the people didn't do more. (Such as tackle the guy or hit him in the head with a tire iron). Just approaching such an individual is putting oneself in danger. I applaud their efforts. Granted, a CCW in such a situation definitely opens the possibilities for a different outcome. Was there not a traffic cam video released a couple of weeks ago of a man being hit by a car and left in the road, and pedestrians only looked at him as they continued to walk on down the road and offer no assistance? I'm sure I'm not the only one that was appalled at that. The circumstances in these situations is different, but the underlying priciple is not. At what point do we stop doing nothing and intervene? For me, it's immediatly. I can't just sit by and watch bad people do bad things right before my eyes when I am capable of stopping them.

    It's a hard call, to be sure. I pray that God guides my hand and my mind should I find myself in a similiar situation.


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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    I agree with the outcome of this situation including the consequences for chosen actions side of it. BUT I DO NOT AGREE with Mr. Horn's 911 conversation. He made so many mistakes in that 10 min call it is unreal. His conversation should've been more along the lines of "there is someone breaking into my neighbor's house send help.... no I'm sorry I'm on a corded phone and I must go make sure my family's safe.....just get help here fast....<click doooooooooooo>" or "someone broke into my neighbor's house and then threatened me in my yard so you might wanna send some help as I had no choice but to shoot them." Either of these or some similar variation and we barely even get a 2 min blurb on our local channels and not much else as far as media coverage. Instead he makes himself sound like he had nothing he wanted to do more than shoot someone. I AM NOT saying the shoot was wrong or that the outcome was wrong, I am merely saying he led himself into a potentially bad situation with his words if he had STFU and gave pertinent details and got off the damn phone this would've been no billed much sooner instead of pushing it back till the media hype died out so it could quietly go away.

    Flame away if necessary.

    jim t

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    Mar 4, 2008
    Hawley Texas
    at what point did we as the law abideing people lose site of the fact that the bg is the bad guy. and that we are not suppost to stand aside and let them have their way. when did it become only the police`s job to protect us. they are never there when the bg is, they can only clean up after the fact. if the bg will not stop when told to do so then I will shoot. not to kill but to stop the threat.

    we have the means and the right to help ourselves and those we care about. it is a sad day when we question the right of a man to protect his home and the homes around him. I hope my friends will do so for me, I know I will for them.

    I am not a sheep. and I dont want to think that I need the police to take care of me. when I know that if I call them they will be here in a little while. and the bg will be here now.


    TGT Supporter
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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    The only thing I have an issue with in this case is, I think Mr. Horn really screwed up with what exactly he said on the 911 call. It really made it sound like he was just itching to kill someone. I definitely don't think he should spend any time in jail, but he could have acted and talked a bit less like an idiot and it would have helped his case more I think. God forbid I ever find myself in such a situation, you can be damn sure you won't catch me saying stuff like "BANG! You're dead".


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    Mar 11, 2008
    DFW, North Texas
    BUT I DO NOT AGREE with Mr. Horn's 911 conversation. He made so many mistakes in that 10 min call it is unreal.

    Finally, a glimpse of reason.

    Joe Horn was an idiot and he is about the luckiest SOB alive.

    Have some of you even listened to the whole 911 tape. It's obvious from some of the comments that some of you have not. Maybe not even the short version. If you listen to the long version, you'll likely be embarrassed for him. He did more good for anti-gun nuts than anything.

    He went outside after bring told not to by the 911 operator who HE called and who also knew they already had LEO on the way and even one in the street.

    Self defense?? He was inside where he was in no mortal danger. He went out after several minutes talking to 911, he confronted them, we don't really know what they did next, but they turned and ran THEN he shot them. LEO's were there, in the street.

    He called 911, he was done.

    If he truly wanted to protect his neighbors property, (they never asked him to watch the house although he knew they were gone) he was taking full risk and liability as he is NOT protected by law as he would be if it were his home or if the neighbor had asked him to watch the house. Either way, if he truly wanted to protect their property (I'd do the same thing), he would have done that, FIRST. Then called and reported that he'd shot the 2 scumbag illegal's who happened to have criminal records and one of them had even been deported already.

    Clean and neat.

    He got very lucky. I also think he's learned a very valuable lesson. I'm not saying the GJ was wrong, I didn't hear the evidence and the law is there to protect us. I also don't have any problem with those 2 being out of out system and off our streets. But the GJ found that the evidence was enough to no bill him. The system did it's thing.


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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    Here is a link to the full recorded conversation. At about 6:30 or so is when the events immediately leading up to the shooting start. I'll be perfectly honest I was a little disturbed by what I was hearing when I first listened to it so consider yourself forewarned, if you don't want to hear the shooting itself, your safe until that mark.



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    Jun 23, 2008
    Spring, Texas can be damn sure you won't catch me saying stuff like "BANG! You're dead".

    Except that he said, "Move, you're dead!"

    I don't think the man is an idiot. His conversation with 911 was a stupid thing to do, but one stupid act does not an idiot make.

    Most people -- the vast majority of people -- have not been briefed on how to talk to the 911 dispatcher and how to behave when police arrive. While Joe Horn went overboard, most people would effectively say too much and say it the wrong way.

    I respect what Joe Horn did (minus the 911 call). I respect anyone who takes the initiative to get involved, to help their neighbors, to save lives, or neutralize a criminal. He certainly didn't have to do it, and many of us wouldn't do what Joe did. The lawyers, the Quanell-Xs and the Diane Sawyers of the world have convinced us that we shouldn't get involved. They'll sue us, threaten us, or humiliate us if we actually get off our collective asses and do the right thing.


    New Member
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    May 3, 2008
    Blanco, TX
    I'd have to agree that Mr Horn definately handled some parts wrong, but under certain circumstances it hard to think straight and I've been in a few situations (that weren't gun related) where I was rattled and looked back and realized that I wasn't thinking as straight as I needed. This can be a lesson to us that in a similar situation we can have premeditated steps to follow and maybe not come off as confused as Mr. Horn did. I definately would like someone to stop a criminal from carrying off certain belongings of mine and then there's some stuff I could care less about, Mr. Horn didn't know what was in the bags and I'm sure now that he's thought about it he would've called 911 and then hung up, maybe waited by his rolled up window and yelled at them when they we're coming out of there window or from the back of the house and said drop the bags now!! The police are on the way and if you take one step towards me that's it, now what happens next I don't know and that's probably alot to say to a few thugs but it sounds like it might have worked a little better and is at least thought out, he could've thought it out using the 8 minutes after he hung up the phone and not seemed unprepared or given anti-gun folks a reason to say "see what there like". Mr Horns age might have had something to do with it also, he's not a spring chicken and it's harder to get it together for some at that age, all in all he didn't deserve to go to jail but I bet he does it a little different next time.
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