John F Kennedy - 50 Years Later


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Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
During the campaign of 1960, I saw JFK in our Suburb of Chicago. He was very tall and I thought he was too skinny. He stood ramrod straight and many years later, I figured out that he was probably wearing a back brace. I didn't listen to much of what he said as I was raised in a Republican home and in a Republican dominated area. To me, he was irrelevant as I was a "Republican". I picked up JFK campaign literature that day which I still have. Every once in a while, I drag that out to look at it. I had no idea that I was seeing history in the making. He was speaking outside in a park where they flooded the area for an outdoor skating rink. They set up a lectern and there he stood.

In 1963, I was a Senior in high school. That was 50 years ago today. I was walking down the halls between classes when it looked like someone rolled a bowling ball down the hall. People started scattering in all directions and finally the word got to me that Kennedy had been shot. My reaction was inappropriate and I deeply regret saying the words "Shot in the ass at sunrise!"

We didn't know at that point that Kennedy was dead. My HS was a big one and incidentally, Hillary Rodham Clinton attended that school, too. At one point, we had 5200 students so traffic control was a major issue.

We were ordered to go to our homerooms and I don't recall HOW we heard the details about the shooting. Perhaps it was on the PA system but I don't recall. Nothing moved and classes were cancelled. We all sat in complete shock in our home rooms. It took a while but all of us finally realized that we were in extremely deep shit.

I didn't cry then. It would been my ass if I did. I'm shedding a few tears as I type this.

We went home and I can't recall if I had my car then....a 1956 Ford. Somehow, I got home.

There was absolutely nothing on TV except the assassination story and it just kept getting bigger. I'll share some memories:

Kennedy was shot and that was drilled over & over. The description of that event was repeated a thousand times.
The pictures of Jackie with her blood stained pink dress and LBJ taking the oath of office and the flight back to Washington.
Oswald shot an LEO named Tibbets and was later captured in a movie theater.
Oswald was being transported on camera and Jack Ruby lunged forward and shot him shot. That was on live TV.
Then we heard about who Oswald was and why he may have shot JFK.
Where did the rifle come from?
Then it evolved to who is Ruby? Who are these people?
The funeral procession, the riderless horse with the boots turned backward in the stirrups .
Little John John saluting his dad .
The drums and their slow beating as the caisson carried the casket. People walked behind the caisson.

Absolutely nothing happened in this nation on TV or the radio for at least 5 days. This was one experience that I could have done without and I hope we never stoop that low again!



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Jan 24, 2011
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He was a whore monger. His wife knew all about it, but liked the White House too much to complain. He chickened out in providing air support to free Cuban exiles fighting Castro at Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs).

He cut a secret deal with the U.S.S.R. to get Soviet Nuclear Missiles out of Cuba (it was not the blockade of Cuba): He sold out NATO by having U.S. Nuclear Missiles removed from Turkey.

He might have been a "conservative" Democrat on foreign and domestic policy. Deep down, he was a lying, cheating, whoring sack of schnitt who betrayed his Catholic faith, his wife, and everyone who voted for him. Pretty much a typical Massachusetts democrat til this day.

The left holds him up as an icon for their Progressive movement only because a fellow traveler, Lee Harvey Oswald, an avowed Communist assassinated a less radical leftist.

So, the left likes to portray Lee Harvey Oswald as an "Ex Marine" hoping to assign right wing motivations to a traitor who lived in Soviet Russia and brought home a Russian wife.

It is interesting that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI did not have a tail on Oswald after he returned from the U.S.S.R. Ironically, the Russian FSB (the KGB's successor) tipped the FBI off to the Tsarnaev Boston Bomber Brothers, but nothing was done to prevent the incident.

Many mock conspiracy theorists. The plain fact that leftists hold up Kennedy as an idol of their progressive movement (which he never endorsed) and labeling Oswald as a right wing Ex Marine extremist (when he was an avowed Communist) is proof of a leftist conspiracy perpetrated to this very day. Every mainstream media outlet and every public school and university are complicit in this conspiracy.


Been Called "Flash" Since I Was A Kid!
Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
Show some F ing respect today, will you? Bash him tomorrow.

Like JFK or not.............his wife was a classy lady who got through an impossible situation with grace and strength. His whole family was an open book and we all watched them grow. It was 1000 days like no other in the history of the US.



Mar 6, 2008
He was more conservative then most of the GOP today, that is what is truly frightening.


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May 31, 2012
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****The following is my opinion. If you are easily offended by someone else having a differing opinion than your own please skip this post.****

I will not "have respect" for something I have zero respect for just because you feel the need to; I don't care what day it is. I hate hearing ignorant people go on and on about how wonderful of a man Kennedy was and how he was the greatest President ever.

Newsflash:: He was a horrid person who treated the women in his life like shit. He was an abuser plain and simple. Abuser of power and abuser of people, among other things. He was not great by any stretch of the imagination but mediocre and largely ineffective. The most notable thing he did was take a bullet to the head on national television.

I wasn't born yet when he was shot so I have no emotional attachment to the event as many who can "remember what they were doing and where they were".

God please help this current President make it through office without an assassin's bullet bringing him down because I don't want to hear the drooling sheep reliving it every year and making up new perpetually more verbose stories about it for the rest of my life.



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