July 4th Tea Party Kickoff Party!


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Mar 29, 2008
north houston
July 3rd, 11-1p is the next Outlaw Dave live broadcast at Shiloh! This promises to be one helluva day as we are all picking our teams for our shooting competitions for the rest of the year. Not to mention, most importantly, this is the official AM950 July 4th Tea Party Kickoff! Guns, BBQ, Freedom, and Like Minded Individuals are the ingredients necessary to make our voices heard loud and proud! Crimson Trace will also be here detailing the benefits of the increasingly popular laser sight. For those of you not in Houston, Outlaw Dave is definitely a friend of the 2nd Amendment. He has the balls to say whats on his mind and we are proud to have him on our side as a spokesman. www.the950.com offers podcast's for anyone who is ready to join "The Outlaw Nation". Join us in full force shooters!


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Sep 20, 2008
Back up to the top... this is another great opportunity to get the face behind the name as well as getting our voices heard! Come on people, lets pack the range!


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Mar 16, 2009
It's payday, so it's good for me. Unfortunately, it's also my wife's "morning of errands"...LOL...I need to sneak out early and "forget" my cell phone.

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