Just bought a Shield 9mm

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  • Yerman

    New Member
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    Dec 30, 2013
    Fort Worth, TX
    Well...now that I am in Texas, I am going to get a CHL and start carrying.

    I went to an indoor range the other day and rented a bunch of guns. I rented a Sig P938, P238, G26, and a XDs .45. They didn't have any Shields to rent.

    Of all the guns I shot, I liked the p938 the most. I wish I had a change to shoot a shield but they just didn't have one.

    So I asked to see a Shield that they had for sale. I held it...loved it...and bought it hoping that I would like it the most. Well...I did. I put 50 rounds down range right after I bought it and it ran like a champ and felt the best of all the guns I shot tonight. Can't say enough good things about it. If I had one complaint, I would say that I can't feel the reset very well and is not not very audible. Other than that, it was great. I'm shooting it a little left but I'll work on that. She is resting in my safe waiting for my class tomorrow.

    Here is 50 rounds at 7 yards. Like I said, I am shooting left a little bit :D








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    Apr 18, 2013
    Austin, TX
    Congrats! Great gun that many are happy with. I'm not an owner, but only because I already filled that niche in my collection.

    You'll get more comfortable with it the more you shoot and you'll start learning its particular ins and outs. Hope to see you at the range some day!


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    Oct 16, 2012
    Welcome to the forum. Shield is a great gun. You're grouping well, dry firing helps to show what you're doing to pull the shots slightly to the left.

    If you're interested in upgrading the trigger, checkout the APEX parts. Shooting using the reset is kind of a tricky proposition, especially once you start shooting really fast.

    Also I see you're local to Austin. Drop in on the hometown section if you haven't yet. We have a real good group of local folks.


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    Nov 27, 2013
    I also recently acquired a 9mm Shield and like it a lot. I have been shooting a M&P9FS for quite a while, but the Shield is now my favorite of the 2. The FS spends most of its time now in the nightstand.


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    Jan 7, 2014
    Piney woods
    You're grouping well, dry firing helps to show what you're doing to pull the shots slightly to the left.
    excellent advice.
    i own the shield as well and had a slight adjustment period with pulling the trigger. Dry firing put me on the right path.

    Best carry gun ever IMO. Fits snug in cargos w/ out holster.
    easily accessible.


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    Jun 3, 2013
    Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
    Greetings From Richmond/Rosenberg, TX

    Hope you send pics of it when you carry. I have my first firearm a Ruger SR40C. I want to get a second handgun before end of this year but i am torn. Top of my list is the FNH FNX40 (I want to have a DA/SA in a mid sized frame) I think I can ccw it. but then I think maybe I'd be better off with a more concealable .40 so that's where the Shield comes in followed by the PX4 Storm SC & the G27( Though i would have to rent a Glock. I shot my buddy's G19 (gen2.5) It just didn't feel right. Maybe I will get a Lotto hit and buy both the FNX & M&P !
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