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Just how bad could things get with the global unrest?

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  • easy rider

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    Jun 10, 2015
    Odessa, Tx
    I wasn't really sure which thread I wanted to put this in, so I decided to create a new thread. Of course if there is a thread already covering most of this, It wouldn't bother me if it was merged.

    I've already eluded before, in a thread I don't remember which, to a bigger picture. I've certainly put out my views on the global elite probably in various threads. Throughout my time off I had come into TGT to check what's new and to give my two cents, many times to joke too. Earlier today I watched a rather long Jordan Peterson video. I respect Dr. Peterson as one of the few free thinkers that doesn't seem to be afraid to voice his opinions. It took quite awhile to watch, and then of course I wrote down many things him and Michael Yon were talking about and did some of my own research on.

    Anyway, it's gets very easy to focus on one, or a couple, things that is happening in the world and here in the US. The more I research those things, the more I'm convinced that they all tie together. Now I know that when I'm talking about the 'global elites', Trump is certainly an elite, but I do think he's, or at least I hope, not part of the global 'new world order'. The one thing I really believe is that Trump, other than his ego, loves the US and it's people. He just gets distracted when his ego is attacked.

    Getting back to the world's problems, the pandemic, LGBT+, Abortion, gun control, blue states against red states, election polling, Ukraine and Russia, China, climate control, farming, economy and on and on, can be pretty much tied together. I've also talked about a two tiered system. The haves and have nots one might say.

    After researching the pandemic for instance, I've brought up my concerns about what people that are part of the WEF and other organizations seem to be making preparations well before ordinary people heard of COVID-19. The many references to population control or reduction made by many of those same so called global elites. Now we're facing worldwide famine (and certainly Ukraine is in the middle of it), but if you look into it closely enough, you'll find many of the so called elites are at the center too. Look into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and almost every hot topic issue they will have their fingers in it.

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, I know I have no real power to persuade those that don't want to look beyond Fox News or any other corporate media news. This is the Video that got me started on this today:



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    Jan 22, 2016
    See, it's often hard to search the forums, I never seem to find many things I'm looking for, especially if I hadn't seen the thread before.

    Thank you!
    It really didn't get any attention over there...

    I really think it can stand on its own as its own thread.
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