Kalashnikov for PP-2000

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Jan 21, 2009
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You mean the fact that decent concealable body armor will protect you from an MP5 (or this PP-2000) and not an M4 (or AKS-74U)? :D Or that the latter can make hits at 200-300 yards, while the former is limited to 100-150 if you're really pushing it out there?


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Feb 22, 2008
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The standard round for those and the new sidearm that Russia will be issuing is essentially a 9x19 +P+ with an armor-piercing steel core.

Won't be seeing that come in as surplus any time soon.


Apr 11, 2009
Dubna, Russia
Those are good pictures but I can't read a single word.
English description from the manufacturer site here:


There is some other translation:

PP-2000 9-mm automatic pistol

PP-2000 - today's firearm, designed for supplying high-density fire
at a distance of close encounter.
* full control of automatic fire, low dispersion and high accuracy are provided with
optimal fire tempo, and good ergonomics.
* utilizing the spare cartrige-bar as a fore-arm butt allows for enlarged carry ammo.
* using heavy-duty plastic material the mass got reduced and the corrosivity lessen.
* The automatic pistol is supplied with a gauge to fix different tipes of sights on it.
* may come with a silencer.

Having minimal mass and spacings, compared to analog's parameters
of a modern combat pistol, PP-2000 is able to expose effective fire
at a distance up to 200 meter.
Using 9x19 pistol cartrige with anti-armore core (7H31) makes possible
to penetrate the individual anti-bullet proof jackets.

Main parameters:
Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge type:
# 9x19 mm pistole cartridge with anti-armour core (7H31);
# 9X19 mm cartridge with steel core (7H21);
# 9x19 mm Parabellum (Luger)

The type of fire - single and automatic.
The distance of effective fire - up to 200 meters.
Mass without cartridge-bar - 1.4 kg.
Fire tempo - 600-800 rounds/minute.
Cartridge-bar capasity - 20, 44.
Spacing with fore-arm butt attached, 555 mm.
Spacings without fore-arm butt, mm:
with cartridge-bar for 20 rounds 340x43x185;
with cartridge-bar for 44 rounds 340x43x305.


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May 24, 2008
Nice looking gun, I'd love to take it down to the last nut and bolt... odd looking gas system though.
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