Kingsville Robbery and Pursuit Caught on Tape

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    KINGSVILLE--There's some dramatic surveillance video from a robbery in Kingsville. It was a robbery that turned into an attempted abduction. Police eventually caught the two suspects at the end of a high-speed chase.

    The two men walked into a business on South 14th street with the intention of robbing the place. Once inside, they threatened a worker and then tried to get away in an old trooper cruiser.
    In this surveillance video tape, you can see Sherrick Adair, 21, and Gerald Clack, 35, inside the Direct General Insurance office. Then they jump the counter, hold down the female employee and grab about $400.
    The men tried to take her with them, but she refuses and they left out the back door.
    "Of course she was terrified," said Sgt. Bradley Lile of the Kingsville Police Department. "The first male jumps over the counter, drags her to the floor and second male jumps the counter holds her down. She was traumatized."
    Adair and Clack led police on a high-speed chase driving an old trooper car bought at a surplus sale in Austin. Witnesses described the men's car and one officer knew exactly where to go to find them.
    "The driver ran inside a relatives a house and changed some clothes quickly," Sgt. Lile said. "He was arrested after he tried to prove to the officer by changing his clothes."
    Police plan to seize the car because it was used in a felony. Tonight, both men are in the Kleberg County Jail, facing charges of robbery and evading arrest.

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    Had this lady got suspicious, put some distance between them and herself, or called for help, I bet a gazillion dollars she'd be called a racist.

    Hope these bastards get the max.
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    Excitement in my old home town!!

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