SOLD Kramer Horsehide G26 Pocket Holster (Conroe, Magnolia, Woodlands)

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  • Otto_Mation

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    Jul 23, 2020
    Montgomery, TX
    Sold. That didn't take long.

    I had Kramer make me a horse hide pocket holster for my G26 because I really liked the one that he made for my S&W 640. Turns out it is a bit bigger than I expected and I never used it. If you have been thinking of getting one, you can now get this one without the 16 week lead time and save some money. I am asking $100 plus $10 if it needs to be shipped. For trades, I could use some factory .45 ACP ammo. If you have something else that you would like to trade, send me a message. Willing to meet for a local area trade or purchase.

    From Kramer's website: This is truly a different pocket holster. All other pocket holsters do, is hold the gun inside your pocket. The KRAMER Pocket Holster does all the things you expect a good pocket holster to do. It ensures the gun will stay in the same place inside your pocket, stops the front sight from wearing a hole in your pocket, prevents the flutes on a revolver's cylinder from cutting painfully into your body, ensures the gun will not be wrapped in a wad of pocket material when you go to grab it to defend your life. AND it also disguises the shape of the gun as seen through the pocket. The body outside of the holster is covered with a piece of plastic laminate that breaks up the outline of the gun, so the tell-tale bulge inside your pocket looks like a wallet. The side of the holster pressing against your body is smooth, comfortable, precisely molded horsehide.

    ETA link to it on Kramer's website:

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    May 6, 2008
    Out here by the lake!
    I met up with Lance and we completed the deal. Good thing I don’t see more deals like this as I didn’t even haggle over the price or meet up location.

    Note to self if meeting up at Bu-Cee’s don’t go in. I dropped damn near $80.00 on jerky, dried sausage, fudge, pickled quail eggs & a sandwich. Bu-Cee’s sure has me caught in their web.
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