Large rifle primers at my cost - DFW

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  • lukester

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    Jun 3, 2009
    A month or so ago, I "lucked" into 5,000 Magtechs and 1,000 Winchester LR primers. Haven't even used any myself yet - I was just assembling what I needed to start loading (and couldn't help but buy the whole 5,000 when the lady on the phone said she had 'em...)

    I'm thinking I sure would like to part w/ some of these to get me a bit closer to a new scope. I'm in the northeast Dallas area and we could avoid shipping/hazmat if anyone has use for a couple thousand. Maybe even 2,500?...

    I paid $45 +tax (call it $48) for the Winchesters at the Bullet Trap in Plano, and got the Magtechs online at Graf's for, I believe, $30 per 1,000 plus $20 hazmat, plus shipping... Came out to something like $36 per 1,000.

    I don't need to make more than that on them, unless someone's just feeling overly-appreciative about finding some... or if you need 'em delivered.

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