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Glenn B

Sep 5, 2019
Texarkana Area
Went to the G&S Gunshow in Conway, AR this past weekend. Nice show, fairly large. Lots of old guns and new.

Had a table there. Ammo like 9mm Blazer brass FMJ was easily selling for $25 per box, sometimes up to $30.00 per box that I observed. I am aware of someone who bought two boxes of it at the show for $20 each, then turned around and sold them for $25 each probably an hour later. 32 ACP was going for $25 - $30 per box - not asking price but the actual selling price for FMJ ammo. 5.56 NATO had asking prices well over a buck per round at several tables but I don't know for how much they actually sold. Wish I had brought along whatever 380 ACP ammo I have around my apartment. It would have sold like gold. I must have had 20 people, over the course of two days asking for it. Firearms were almost all marked at a premium too. A basic looking PSA AR-15 had asking price of $1,200 and Bulgarian AK with milled receiver had an asking price of $1,500. Lowest priced ARs were $649.00; they were all built by the seller as i understand with Anderson lowers, unknown to me uppers and parts kits (supposedly all USA made parts). The few uppers I saw there were priced from around $400 (BCA) to close to the price of AR-15s (RRA)!

I imagine it is only going to get worse through the elections in November. Be afraid, very afraid. Biden may not win but if the Dems get the majority in the Senate and hold the house we will be screwed almost the same. If they do that and Biden also gets in, we are doomed. Go to vote, urge your family members to vote - DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT TRUMP WILL BE REELECTED - VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE - bring out your dead and have them vote, they may not be dead yet!:rolleyes: Seriously folks - make certain to vote.

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Nov 7, 2015
My wife and I WILL VOTE for President Trump.


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