Let’s talk about UTVs


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May 9, 2013
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I have a 2017 Mahindra Mpact 750 Crew that is an Intimidator with Mahindra badges. Everything on mine is made in the USA, right down to the Kohler EFI engine.

It won't win any beauty pageants, and won't go over 40 mph, but it is rated to haul 1250 pounds in the dump bed and tow 2500 pounds. The power dump is slow, and gets even slower when you have more than 1500 pounds in it. It has seat belts for 6, but the middle passenger would have to be pretty skinny to ride comfortably.


It only runs 28 mph with the stock trailer behind it. No power steering but that hasn't been an issue yet. it also weighs 3500 lbs and is too big to carry around with a small trailer.


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I'd say, don't get caught up in mfg's. They are all pretty solids machines nowadays. Been around most of them and they all are gonna do what ya need.

Stick with your bigger motors. Don't skimp on your motor. These machines are so versatile.... make sure your foundation is good with a big motor.

Not an issue for most, but is for me. Aesthetics. Some of the machines on the market today look odd to me. The lines with the roll cages and rear-ends... I just can't buy into it. But, that's MY eye.

Watch a ton of YouTube. There are some channels on there that dissect the machines pretty thoroughly.

I'd say there are 4 categories of machines on the market today.

1) Workhorse
2) Workhorse/Playhorse
3) Playhorse/Workhorse
4) WFO/White-knuckles


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Mar 10, 2017
Most of them have a few in stock, but they are generally the very high end models. I never knew a UTV could be $30K :laughing:
Oh I hear you. Im a base model type guy and I still think 10k is way too much for them but some people have the money for it so they keep jacking the prices up


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Dec 18, 2015
Yes, the prices are ridiculous. I’m glad I got mine when I did.

With respect to looks, I bought mine for work. I think of it in the same way as my home defense shotgun, which is an old Mossberg 500 that is worn and tattered, but runs really slick. It has a purpose, and that purpose has nothing to do with looking pretty.


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Nothing runs like a rental!

That’s what scares me about buying a used one.
And that is an issue. You never know what hell it's been through. Yes being handy with a wrench helps.... but who wants to spend the time fixing something that bubba let go to the bottom of the river, or took a 15ft jump or lord knows left in a creek upside down overnight. It's one thing if your the one doing these things to your machine.... it's another when bubba did it and now your paying good money to have it go fubar on you 3weeks later.

You can save some good money used.... if you can find that older gentleman with no grandkids.



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