Lifting of HIV Travel Ban

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Mar 6, 2009
Cedar Park,TX
I can see the danger involved with allowing immigrants infected with HIV into the country. As it can cause a life threatening situation for emergency personnel. But like you stated you can't get HIV from rubbing shoulders with the infected individual, I believe it must go from blood stream to blood stream in order for the virus to survive the transfer. But I'm no pro and really don't know much about these things. So I'll leave it at that and let someone more knowledgeable than myself take a swing.


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Jan 28, 2009
Houston, Cy-Fair
The infection rates are dropping in every segment of our population except one. With that, I'm assuming AIDS isn't the threat to the general public that it once was.


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Jan 27, 2009
Comanche Co., Texas
On the news recently some So & So was sentenced to life in prison for infecting several women with AIDS, knowing that he was infected. Old Sparky would have been a more fitting sentence. I don't believe HIV carriers should be allowed into the US.


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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
I think it is a public health hazard to allow people with known terminal infectious diseases into the country. I don't care if it is hard to transfer, it is something we do not need here in abundance.


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Nov 21, 2008
I think it was along the lines of keeping them from milking out our heath care system.

I think this is the more accurate answer as to why HIV patients were banned in the first place.

As to why it was lifted. . . Lets just say that the dems vetod an amendment to the "health reform" bill that would have prevented money to go to the care of illegal aliens. . . .

I think it stems from a severe form of naive ideology and a generals sense of power at being in charge of other people's lives.

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