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List of Stolen Weapons

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  • CharlieBear

    New Member
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    Feb 19, 2009
    Corpus Christi
    My father had some weapons stolen from his home in July of 2007, in Corpus Christi, by an ex-employee. I always keep my eyes open for these weapons at gun shows and pawn shops. Luckily, one of the weapons was recovered at a gun show in the fall of 2007. I found this website last night and thought, "what the heck" Let me post these weapons and see what comes up.

    .340 Weatherby Mark V, Serial # P8024

    .375 Sako #L69146

    .264 Sako, newly referbished dark wood stock, Serial # L81R-6283

    .22 Remington Rifle, Serial # 9881

    .223/20gauge (OU Combo gun) Savage 24-V, Serial # 5477
    (yes a .223, my father had the barrel re-done for .223)

    30-30 Winchester Model 94 (pre 64), serial # 1632645

    .223 Remington Mohawk 600, Mod cutdown wood stock, Serial # 83386

    .12 gauge, Remington Model 1100, Auto, # M956662V

    .410 Remington Model 11-48, Auto, # 4145583

    I apologize for any lack of info. All weapons were blued and with wood stocks, the scopes on the rifles were old and needed replacing, they were Tasco's, Burris's, Bushnell's. No photos are available. Most of the weapons, except the model 1100, were purchased in the late 60's early to mid 70's. I know of three more weapons that need to be added to this list, but for two weapons, I've no serial numbers available and one I have an incomplete discription. I'll add it once I clear things up.

    All reported stolen. Unfortunately CCPD, while using our insurance list of guns, only reported the guns that we still had, not the ones that were actually stolen. They were notified of the error, hopefully it was corrected.

    If you need more info, let me know.



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    Aug 11, 2008

    I will be back to work on Tuesday, will have the communications staff run these serail numbers and will advise you if they are in NCIC.

    Sorry for your loss, keep your hopes up. I just recovered a rifle stolen in 1998 from Minnesota.


    TGT Addict
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    Mar 28, 2008
    CharlieBear, I'll keep eyes peeled as well. With the guns in the area, I should start keeping a stolen SN list available when I go gun-shop-hopping. Maybe on my phone for easy quick access.

    Good luck recovering your stuff.
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