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Jun 14, 2011
[OP] Interesting live broadcast - started off dignified and very professional. But of course, after some time of public comment, this decorum deteriorated into a fricken’ clown show. JMHO YMMV.

I watched as much as I could stomach off-and-on throughout the day. Wasn’t surprised at the position a lot (most?) of law enforcement, took. With few notable exceptions (County Sheriff offices, being one), LEO organizations tend to take the, “we’ll have shootouts & blood in the streets” position. [ Notice, I said ‘organizations’; ...still question if the majority of rank-‘n-file have that view].

Maybe I’m just too “old school” but the only thing that truly surprised me was, the number of women testifying. It kind of makes sense; breaking away from work, in the middle of the week isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. Especially in this case, more-or-less on the spur of the moment... as it were.

Now, hopefully, we’re just one vote away from having Gov. Abbott make good on his commitment to sign Texas Constitutional Carry into law!

I agree, everyone should make contact with Lt Gov Patrick to re-enforce the idea to bring this to a Senate floor vote. Email him or call and leave a brief message: 512-463-0001. “Now that Constitutional Carry, HB 1927 has passed out of committee, I just wanted to call and encourage you, to get this measure before the full Senate for a vote.”

Email or call your state Senator’s office and politely encourage them to support Permitless or Constitutional Carry, HB1927 when it comes up for a vote soon. Texas needs to join more than twenty other states in restoring this Right to its citizens.

{Recall, ya get better results with honey than vinegar}


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Jun 14, 2011
Just sent an email to my state Senator encouraging her to continue her support of HB 1927, Constitutional Carry. And thanked her for her support of that measure so far. The direct email address format usually takes the form of:

Also called and left a message for Lt Gov Patrick, thanking him for creating that committee and getting HB 1927 moving. I encouraged him to continue his effort to get Constitutional Carry out, onto the Senate floor for a full vote.

I would encourage everyone to make contact with their state Senator and Lt Gov Patrick’s office. One more push and Texas could have Constitutional Carry for its citizens!



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