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Feb 17, 2013
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I've about shot all of the #12 shot I have in Rio brand shells, so I thought I would try the tool I have and see if it will actually load them. I'm using Remington shot cups that are supposed to work with 1/2 ounce and 3/4 ounce loads. Of course, you have to have 3" hulls for 3/4 ounce loads or the shot won't fit in plastic. I think I remember 3/4 ounce may fit in 2 1/2" brass hulls, since they use an over shot wad to keep everything in place and they aren't crimped.

With a hull over a hole in your bench, you can knock the old primer out pretty easily. A flat wooden surface will work to put a new 209 primer in with an inside backup.

I happen to have 16 pounds of Alcan 8 and a 1966 loading manual from Alcan, so I used 12 gr of AL-8 with 212 gr of #7 1/2 shot. It seems a little hotter than the Rio I've been shooting, but nothing dangerous about it, I also have a Blue Dot load I've used with buckshot. The Remington shot cup is the over powder wad and I put some pressure on it with a dowel inside the cup. Then the shot and crimping, which has been the least easy part to do.

The tool set will do most of what needs to be done, but the crimp works better if it has a start done on it. Otherwise, one side won't crimp right and the shot dribbles out. Everything would have been much easier if I had watched this video with the tool I'm using. He does have a foul mouth, so be advised on that. Loading some 410 with the Lane hand loading tool - YouTube


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Jul 11, 2009
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I don't fiddle with the loads and use only published loads. I had a suggestion, however.

I load 3" Cheddite hulls that I buy new. I use the Claybuster 5050 wads which are designed for 1/2 ounce shot loads. I load 11/16 oz of 7 1/2 shot and get a perfect crimp. The shot charge does overfill the wad.

It sounds like the shot charge is too heavy. I use the MEC 600 jr press in .410 and ordered the 11/16 ounce shot bar. The loads look factory original!



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