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Jan 13, 2013
Is anybody shooting the colt walker?the loading data I have seen list 3 different size balls.Are you using 2FFor3FFF?Are you using a felt wad over the powder?Thanks:50cal:


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Oct 4, 2013
Gunz are icky.
Shoot a pair of Walker-Colt's.
Mine are Uberti made.

I use a home cast SOFT LEAD .454 roundball. Ball needs to be dead soft lead.
Wheelweight metal is too hard to adhere to rifling.

Powder charge is anywhere from 40-60 grains depending on what I'm doing.
Most accurate load is 47grs 2Fg.
2Fg is normally recommended but 3Fg works fine. Just cut back a bit on the charge.
I use GOEX mostly as it is the easiest for me to get. SWISS is excellent but more $$$.

Home made punched felt wad soaked in a mix of beeswax/paraffin wax/mutton tallow lube.

Lubed wad between powder and ball.
I've tried the soft lube over the ball.It works but good lawd does it make a mess. Lube gets splattered everywhere on firing. All over the bench, your hair, your equipment, the poor slob shooting next to you. :green:

Mine will shoot a 2-3" group at 50ft. using a soft lead ball.
A harder metal ball of wheel weight type metal will open the group up to about 6-8".

A .451 ball will work but you may get back out during recoil of the ball in the unfired chambers. Seat the balls very firmly.
A .457 ball is also usable. You'll just have to apply a lot more force on ramming the ball to shave off the outer rim of the ball.
There are a couple of pointed/flat base bullets available but I can not comment on them as I have not used any.
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Jan 9, 2009
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For soft lead you can use roofing pipe jackets, the kind that slip over the vent pipes. You can use plumbing lead or most fishing weights are pure lead. Pure lead should easily scratch with your thumb nail.

For applications like this, I like to add a small amount of tin. Tin will have a marginal effect on hardness but will greatly improve the casting characteristics. 1-2% tin will give a nicer, well filled out bullet w/o significantly raising the hardness.

Tin can be obtained in the form of solder. 50-50 bar solder is the most common. 1/2 a bar in a 20 lb pot of lead will give you an 80-1 alloy or about 1.5 % Tin.


Jan 13, 2013
Hey thanks for the info.I have some round ball labeled .451for 44 revolver,but they mike .444I think I will buy a box of .454.I have some 44 wads but they are dry.I have probably 50# of lead,some pure&some with tin.I used the tined when I was loading 45/70 in a sharps and the pure when I was shooting a front loader.I think I will use 2FF.Thanks


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Jul 15, 2011
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Cool. I still do not have a dragoon but I'm very interested. I planned on buying balls. I know of a plumbing house that sells roof jacks and lead ingots.


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Feb 17, 2013
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I read somewhere the Walker was the most powerful handgun until the .357 Mag appeared in 1935. Of course, the original .357 load produced 1500 fps with a 158 gr bullet.
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