Looking for help?? Motorcycle Trip in Texas?

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  • tradderay

    New Member
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    Aug 24, 2008
    Hi I am new to this forum got directed here from google search need Help finding place to ride.

    My friend and I have just started the motorcycle ride fad. He bought a New Harley 2007 1200 custom, then I had to have me something too, didn't go as far as he did just bought a Vulcan 800 but I can up grade later, got to start somewhere.

    Anyway looking to go on a ride starting in or around Wichita Falls Texas area looking for scenic and aventure. Two day trip needed any help will be appreciated.

    Tag alongs welcome, interested please let me know, any suggestion appreciated on which routes we should take.
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    Mar 4, 2008
    I am not familiar with that area but I ride to the Austin and Daytona bike shows.The Vulcan is a great bike and will give you trouble free miles.Be sure to bring tools and a tire repair kit just in case you get a nail stuck in your tire when out in the middle of nowhere.Before you ride on a long ride double check everything because breaking down in the middle of nowhere sucks.Ride free,ride safe.:D


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    Mar 7, 2008
    Parker County
    Anyway looking to go on a ride starting in or around Wichita Falls Texas area looking for scenic and aventure. Two day trip needed any help will be appreciated.

    ... any suggestion appreciated on which routes we should take.

    Here's what I'd do:

    Hwy 79 south to Archer City, the thinly-disguised subject of "The Last Picture Show" and subsequent novels/movies by Larry McMurtry about small-town Texas life. McMurtry lives there, and his used book store covers pretty much the whole courthouse square. Eat at the Dairy Queen made famous in his books/movies.

    79 south to Olney, thence east on 114 to 281 south to Jacksboro. Fort Richardson just south of Jacksboro is a decently-restored army fort from the days of cowboys and indians, if you like that sort of thing.

    From Jacksboro, go west on US 380 a couple of miles and hit Texas Farm-to-Market 4 south. Go through Palo Pinto (decent burger/CFS place on the courthouse square), 4 takes a dog-leg on 180 - go west on 180 and be sure to get 4 south again. Hwy 4 from Palo Pinto down to Santo near I-20 is one of the most fun bike roads in Texas, lots of twists and turns through the Brazos "Mountains".

    Hwy 4 eventually hits I-20; cross 20 and stay on 4 all the way to Granbury, and thence south on 144 to Glen Rose on the Paluxy River, and then south to Morgan, Meridian, then hwy 6 south to Clifton. From Clifton, take 22 west to Cranfills Gap, and from there 219 to Fairy. You will think you have gone back in time 100 years, and the roads/scenery are great.

    From Fairy, head north on 1602 to Hico, one of many (claimed) final resting places of Billy the Kid. From there, you could head back up 281 all the way to Wichita Falls, go back the way you came, or head on down 281 to Lampassas and the Hill Country for more great riding.

    There are motels in Hico, Glen Rose, and Granbury but not in the smaller towns mentioned. Plenty of gas everywhere though. Lots of places to camp if you are so inclined.

    This trip will be a lot more fun in the fall after it cools down a bit.

    Have fun and ride safe.


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    Mar 5, 2008
    Texas of course
    I'm new to motorcyles too and have found a great Texas local motorcycle forum www.twtex.com I've already met with a couple of locals in my area and everyone on the forum seems to be very knowlegable a friendly. I think some of them are planning a Wichita Falls ride soon.


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    Feb 29, 2008
    DFW area.....Wylie.
    Here you go. Click the below link........go to the US map at the bottom of the page and select the state (Texas) you want to ride in. Then, select the area on the map and it will bring up a 'ton' of motorcycle roads.


    You may even want to click on your own state to see if there are some you don't already know.
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