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    Nov 8, 2017
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    Thank you so much for the insight. The more I talked to ATF agents, it was more clear that a physical address for that website is a real business and may or may have not been aware of their identity being compromised. The first ATF Dallas agent I talked to lived down the street from that address and she actually drove past there and let me know about it.
    I now have the ATF Dallas, National Cyber Crimes division and Arlington PD all informed with all information.
    Haven't heard back from anyone else besides ATF Dallas. But ATF cannot do much for me since there is no physical firearm involved that changed hands. So they said the cyber crimes or the Arlington PD may contact me at some point. However the cash involved is fairly small and I don't expect to hear from them anytime soon.
    People on the forum have been supportive and helpful. I'll definitely keep the forum thread updated with any progress. Thank you.

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    Sometimes homeless and just really guilable folks are used to pick up money from wire services like this. You may have a real name, but their connection to the actual thief may be nothing more then a street level proposition of making a few dollars.

    This situation really sucks and I'm sorry for your troubles. We certainly do appreciate you informing the community though and hopefully it saves someone else the loss and aggravation you are going through.

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