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M9A3 with fiber optic sights installed

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  • shipwreck

    Rating - 100%
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    Mar 17, 2008
    Beretta City,Texas
    I asked WAL (member at the Beretta Forum who does Beretta gunsmithing) to install fiber optics on my M9A3 recently. I was never into them for years, but then got hooked when I started buying Performance Center Shields in the summer of 2021.


    I've been having issues seeing the white ring around the tritium on my sights when shooting at my indoor range. I'm almost 50, and it's been effecting my shooting. With fiber optics, I can shoot like I used to be able to. They really make a HUGE difference.



    My group size is much smaller now. I took the M9A3 out to the range yesterday. VERY big difference. I'm really loving this gun again. I had been shooting bigger groups with it the past 2 years, and I couldn't understand why. Problem solved.


    I went with the same color combo that my Performance Center Shields have. I like that combo. Also, I've found that the green is easier for me to see in lower light, so I want that color on the front sight.


    So, now I am a happy camper. Once I get my 2nd Combat Master back from Taran Tactical, I'll have 5 handguns with fiber optics now :)

    I went with WAL because all the rear fiber optic sights for Berettas seem to hang off the rear of the gun, like the adjustable sight does WAL will chop up the existing night sights, and he doesn't move them on the slide either.
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