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Feb 21, 2008
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I thought I would go ahead and post this to hopefully save other forum members from the trouble in the future. Yes, Mac79912 was a forum member here for awhile, and even a moderator for a period of time. For whatever reason, he decided to ultimately screw a guy over out of a few bucks. The exact amount does not matter, it's the principle and the way in which he conducted himself which is the issue. He chose to do the wrong thing and take someone's money, so now he is permanently banned. This is his contact info, and if you should happen to come across someone with this same contact info, screen name, etc in future internet business even on other forums, I would advise you to steer clear:

Here's a link to the arfcom thread regarding this matter:

HUGE -1 for Mac79912.. bad deal all the way around!! - AR15.COM

Sculbert1 said:
On 2/19/09 Mac79912 made this post in the EE for a SA Mil-Spec for sale. It was a VERY good deal on a Mil-Spec and I posted in the thread that I wanted it and followed up with a PM to arrange payment. Here is his EE ad WTS Springfield Armory 1911 Mil Spec **Sold Pending funds** - AR15.COM . I got a copy of my dealers FFL and a money order for $575 and sent it out to him via postal service priority mail with delivery confirmation. I PM'd him to let him know the money and FFL was on the way. He replied back on 2/25/09 that he was going to be out of town until 3/11/09 because he was helping his mother in law move up to Ohio... but assured me that the Mil-spec was mine and it was in his safe at home. On 3/10/09 he sends me the following PM:

Hi Scott,My little brother just confessed to me that he broke the Springfield Armory 1911.I do not know what he did yet but its my fault for leaving the gun in my closet where he could access it.I have another new in box high standard 1911(in my gun locker at my storage facility) that I was going to use for work but am willing to give it to you with some money back.I paid $650 for it two months ago and it is the same exact gun and comes with a lifetime warranty as I never filled out the card.I can send back $50 and the gun on Friday when I am back.Let me know.If you do not want it I will send you your Money back the way you sent it.I apologize for the long wait and for the screw up.Its totally my fault for leaving the gun at my house instead of keeping it in the locker but I thought it would be safe.My brother is going to get an ass chewing when I get back tomorrow as he had no business shooting any of my guns without my permission.I am sorry and feel real bad since this transaction took so long since I was out of town.Look on and to see what it looks like as I cannot access my camera as it is in El Paso.Should be back about 10pm tomorrow unless my flight gets delayed.Todd

I PM'd him back and told him I didn't want the High Standard and to send me my money back... to not even worry about the postage I had paid. He PM'd me on 3/13/09 telling me the MO was in the mail, when it showed up.. it was only for $525, he didn't tell me that in the PM when he said it was in the mail, he had included a hand written note with it that said he would send out the remaining $50 when the bank opended on that Monday. During the past 15 days, he would not respond to my PM's asking for tracking info on the remaining $50 refund. It was during this past two weeks that I found out he is a member on Texas Gun Talk where he made a post on 2/28/09 showing the SA I was supposed to be buying and talking about how he couldn't wait to shoot it.. here is the post . After seeing this, I did a search there on his user name and found that he had been posting almost every day over there.. and had even posted about working a table at a gunshow in Texas while he had been telling me he was out of town helping his Mother in Law move to Ohio.

I finally messaged him on Texas Gun Talk Wednesday and told him he needed to log back into and finish up his business with me. He logged back on to and replied back that he had sent my remaining $50. I brought the above information to his attention and he replied back that I was being a "Dick" and that he was finished wtih me.

I would HIGHLY suggest you take all of this into account before conducting business with Mac79912 on this board or any other. I will update this is my remaining $50 ever shows up.
Although this transaction did not originate from this forum, lets this be a lesson to anyone considering doing anything shady through the classifieds here either. We all understand sometimes mistakes happen, things don't work out smoothly, sometimes there are unexpected delays, etc etc but taking the proper corrective actions and doing the right thing regardless is what helps turn around a bad situation. Screwing someone over here will only get your personal info posted up in this section and your reputation in this community destroyed. That being said, thanks to those of you out there still continuing to do the right thing and still continuing to conduct yourselves in a professional manner through our classifieds. Should any of you have a problem like this in the future, please contact Alan (Texas1911), I, or any of the moderators and we will get it worked out.


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Mar 11, 2009
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I have been following this since the guy from ARFCOM posted here. I just wanted to say publicly that I appreciate the manner in which Sig_Fiend and Texas1911 have handled this matter. They have been very fair to all parties involved and have been diligent in solving the problem. It is nice to know and be associated with such stand-up guys.

For those of you who are new to this forum, this is truly a different place than any forum I have been on, and it's because of the leadership! Leadership starts at the top!


Mar 11, 2008
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I'm curious how it would be appropriate to get this site and owner involved beyond banning and moving on? Especially posting the information you have which seems could be quite a risk, including legal, since no wrongdoing involved this site.

I agree it's a bad deal if all the fact are what they are, but it seems awful risky, especially posting personal contact info. along with accusations as a 3rd party.

And not to side with anyone in that case, but it's also a reminder about forum classifieds and being aware. Most cases of people getting ripped off are when the person does something they know they should not have done but got suckered in to trusting someone. It's what con's do, get your trust and control until they get what they want.


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Mar 17, 2008
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I just wanted to say publicly that I appreciate the manner in which Sig_Fiend and Texas1911 have handled this matter. They have been very fair to all parties involved and have been diligent in solving the problem. It is nice to know and be associated with such stand-up guys.
+1 - Starker,..... well said.

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Mar 6, 2009
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I have to agree with JKTex on some aspects of this. His name and screen name sure and even the town he is in but it IMO was unnecessary to post his address. Other than the address being posted, I agree with Starker in the way the admin handled this incident.


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Jan 9, 2009
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It is refreshing to see another forum that holds it's members and staff to high standards. I am a mod on another board and know how difficult it is to deal with these situations. Keep up the good work.


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
If it's important to have this posted, shouldn't it be informational only, therefore locked and if someone really thinks it's that important, made a sticky ? It really doesn't need to be discussed otherwise it's just gossip, especially since it's an issue that took place elsewhere and it'll keep getting brought up, like it just did.


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