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    Extra Mags need a good home too.
    Cotton has a few good designs on these too.
    He has a standard pancake double, a flatback double & single. I really like the flatback design. Middle & bottom pics. They are stable, tight to body, excellent retention but draw smoother w/ much less drag than a standard pancake design.
    One of the features I ask for on the flat back double was for a slight forward cant. This makes a much easier mag draw w/ authoritic shoulders.
    For review he made one w/ a streight draw on the first mag & about a 10% forward cant on the rear mag. I was a little sceptical about this at first. After trying it, I really like it. That option is available.
    The XD is no little gun. It & two double stack mags on the other side need to be of quality workmanship to stay snug & comfortable. These fit the bill.

    He also has a mag wallet. I will be candid here too. When he told me about this I was more than a little sceptical here. It will not be my choice for daily carry but I have tried it & will assure all that it definately has a place in my gear box.
    If you are one that does not like anything on your belt besides your gun, this is a good idea. If you wear a tuckable holster & dont want the added width of a tuckable mag holster this is very suitable. You can definately get to your mags as readily as a gun in a tucked holster. This wallet mag is excelent for an elevated threat situation. During the aftermath of Katrina & then Rita most of us carried all the hardware we could. Two more mags in a back pocket besides the ones on the belt could be comforting also. I would have liked one then for sure. I dont know of any, after shooting review, that anyone said they had too much extra ammo & would downsize there.
    I have tested it in my 5.11 back pocket & it works well. The 1911 8rd modle fits verry well in Wrangler back pocket & is easy to get out. Any single stack mag for a compact will be shorter & go even farther down.
    What about sitting though :???: It is noticable at first but definately not uncomfortable. I have written this entire review w/ it in my back pocket.
    It also fits very well in an inside dress coat pocket. Being that high & close to the shoulder it is far more stable & comfortable than I thought it might be.
    Bottom line:
    His mag sacks are good too.
    Contact him at: Robert (Cotton) Inks, 1706 Channel Road, Austin, TX 78746, 512-327-5858.

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