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  • jnock

    New Member
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    Hey Folks,

    Can anyone tell me if Magtech 308 ammo is any good?
    My PTR-91 cycles it fine, but my repeatability at 100yds is around one minute of (entire) target.

    2008 PTR-91 SC (16"bbl).



    M. Sage

    TGT Addict
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    Jan 21, 2009
    San Antonio
    How does it shoot with other ammo? How does it shoot with other shooters?

    I used Magtech in my one and only high power match (and in an off-hand clinic before that) in a ultra-match Garand with no trouble. My calls were matching my hits for the most part. I did lousy at the match, but some other shooters were pretty impressed with how good my score was (partly because I had zero equipment other than the tricked-out Garand - no jacket, no mat, no spotting scope, nothing), and I don't feel that it was my rifle or ammo that was holding me back one bit. Sighting in before the match off a bench, I had no problem putting the stuff through one hole at a hundred yards (which was mostly the rifle; I'm not a great shot).

    I gave what I had left to my friend to help him break in his AR-10, and he was happy with the accuracy and cleanliness.

    All in all, I don't think Magtech is the highest-quality ammo; there's definitely a reason it's cheaper. But the quality seems Ok to me.


    New Member
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    Good Point

    Thanks M.Sage,

    It could be the nut behind the trigger. I'll get someone else to send a few downrange and see what the results are.

    I was considering getting ahold of one of those LeadSleds or equiv and seeing what the results are.

    As far as other ammo performing: I tried Winchester white box 7.62 - FTE & FTFs after 2nd magazine; 7.62 DAG headstamped - FTEs & FTFs before end of 1st mag; Magtech has functioned flawlessly - no FTE or FTF ever.
    I've yet to try any commercial hunting ammo.


    TAMU -'82
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