Marine Denied Free Entry Into Amusement Park

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    Family Outraged After Quadriplegic Marine Denied Free Admission to Michigan Amusement Park

    Wednesday, June 17, 2009 foxnews_story.gif

    The family of a U.S. Marine is outraged after a Michigan amusement park insisted on charging the veteran admission to enter the park — despite his being a quadriplegic -- according to a newspaper report.
    Heather Lovell told the Grand Rapids Press that she had been at the park acting as a chaperone for a children's group, and her fiance, Joshua Hoffman, was just meeting up with her there briefly before she took him to his stepbrother's graduation.
    But even after she explained that Hoffman had been paralyzed in 2007 by a sniper's bullet in Iraq and is unable to speak, let alone go on rides, the park insisted both Hoffman and his nurse could not join her in the park without paying, Lovell told the Press
    "It was really just outrageous," she said. "He is not physically going on any rides."
    Michigan's Adventure General Manager Camille Jourden-Mark said park policy requires even non-participants to pay the admission fee.
    "We just can't be in a position of picking and choosing. We have grandparents (who pay admission) that come in our park every day that have no intention of ever going on a ride," she told the Grand Rapids Press.
    Jourden-Mark later offered the family complimentary passes for Hoffman and a guest, the Press reported. Lovell said she has not decided whether they will use the passes.


  2. MadMo44Mag

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    Jan 23, 2009
    Must find address for this park and send nasty angry American letter,
    Yes and it will be done!:mad:
    Angry American I am!
  3. Shorts

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    Mar 28, 2008
    I was just about to post this. ..absolutely terrible!

    Post up contact info if you get it. Someone's getting a disapproving email.

    Got it:

    act Us <div id="textarea"> At Michigan's Adventure, we value the opinions of our guests.
    Use the information on this page if you have questions or comments about your visit.

    Mailing Address
    Michigan's Adventure
    4750 Whitehall Rd
    Muskegon, MI 49445

    Phone Numbers

    231.766.3377 General Information 231.766.9959 Group Sales / Admissions 231.766.3804 Group Sales Fax 231.766.3377 Employment 231.766.3295 Human Resources Fax
    E-Mail Addresses

    General Information
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    When in doubt, call in a supervisor...

    Forwarded to my wife, she's going to send to her family in Michigan. Or as we call it, Hell.
  5. 40Arpent

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    Jul 16, 2008
    I'd like to have just five minutes with that phucking piece of dog$hit bitch.

  6. DCortez

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    Jan 28, 2009
    Houston, Cy-Fair
    No wonder ... she didn't have to work for the job ...

    From Wiki:

    Purchase by Cedar Fair
    In 2001, Cedar Fair, the owner of Cedar Point, purchased the park from Roger Jourden. His daughter, Camille Jourden-Mark, was demoted from General Manager, a position she had occupied since 1988, and replaced with Larry Mackenzie. Mackenzie later left for Valleyfair at the end of the 2001 season. Camille Jourden-Mark was then reinstated as General Manager where she has remained since.
  7. navyguy

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    It is truly a shame that people forget the sacrifices the brave men and women of our armed forces have made for their freedom. But I can hear their dribble now..."what's Iraq got to do with my freedoms?" they'd say... Asshats.
  8. smee78

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    Nov 18, 2008
    What a shame, common sense is not so common.
  9. JKTex

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    Mar 11, 2008
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    I hate to say this but it has nothing to do with the Marines, Iraq, riding rides or anything else but a business that has a policy (as I guarantee others do) and standing by it. They expected to walk up and get free entrance, bases on this story, because he's a Marine who is disabled.

    If they expected an exception, they should have addressed it prior to showing up.

    You can't fault them for holding true to fair and consistent business practices whether you agree with it or not. If they made an exception for him, they'd then be dealing with making exceptions for everyone that said they wouldn't be riding rides etc. etc.

    It's a case of getting to our hearts and pride through him being a Marine that sacrificed everything and lost a lot of it to mask the real situation. They certainly could have made an exception but going by the fact that they ended up taking it to the media, you never know how they approached this and how the media spun it to get attention.
  10. MadMo44Mag

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    Jan 23, 2009
    The young man gave himself to his country and paid a huge price.
    What is morally right is right!
    What is morally wrong is wrong!

    When it comes to morals the business models needs to go out the window.
    That's part of whats wrong with this country right now - pursuit of the all mighty dollar regardless of what is morally right.

    I am glad to see the press has covered this, and if they did spin it to put the park in a negative light well good.
    I'm tired of seeing our soldiers beat up in the media so when the media does finally support our troops I have to applaud.

    Yes they got a e-mail and letter from me because I am an Angry American!

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