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    For any of y'all locally around Austin, Banana Bay Tactical has great prices on their Mavrik stuff. Their 35 backpack is only 59.00 bucks. First time ever seeing these bags in person and I am pretty impressed with how well thought out they are. Here's the one I just picked up and ordered a few pouches for the inside. This will replace the shoulder sling GHB that I have now.

    The main zipper goes from the bottom of one side to the other bottom, filleting it open to get to anything you need on the quick. The wole inside is felt so you can customize it with the velcro attachments anyway you like. Pretty slick setups.


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    That's pretty slick! Too bad I already have 4 bags laying around that don't get much use.
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    Here's some pictures of the new pouches, kind of a starting point to see what and where things will fit and work well.
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