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Mar 5, 2008
This is a followup on

The Incident:
KCBD, NewsChannel 11 Lubbock |Man Pulls Gun At Game, Now Charged With Assault
A Lubbock man faces felony charges, after a children's soccer game turns violent.
A parent gets into heated words with sons soccer coach.
Coach's husband steps in to settle parent down.
Husband and parent end up in scuffle.
Parent pulls gun, is tackled by another spectator.
Parent arrested.
Parent is (was?) a CHL holder.

Now, most of us know how the evil gun and the gun owner are usually villified by the media over something like this and how the antis are just waiting for an opportunity such as this.

I was totally and pleasantly surprised that this was aired last night and again this morning on the news in Lubbock.

Commentary from General Mananger of TV Station:
KCBD, NewsChannel 11 Lubbock |Consider This....Gun Control

It was shocking this week to hear that a man allegedly pulled a gun on another parent at a Lubbock soccer game. That story has raised questions about gun laws and fear among parents.

The man is now charged with aggravated assault. Hopefully, the system will work and he'll be prosecuted appropriately.

But if this incident has raised questions about concealed handgun laws in Texas: let me remind folks that cases like this are extremely rare and have nothing to do with our right to carry a gun. State law allows that, so we can defend ourselves against criminals.

So consider this: I fully support the concealed handgun laws in Texas. And although parents should not have to worry about someone with a gun at a kids sporting event, this is not a gun issue. It is a bad choice by one individual, and should not be used as a case against concealed handguns.

There is hope yet. Maybe the media does get it after all. Letter of commendation outbound to them.


TGT Addict
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Mar 28, 2008
Nice. Me thinks a manager of a certain station is a CHL holder as well. But he is right whether he is or not - it was a bad decision made by an individual.

There should be more level headed media like that.
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