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Medical/health/safety preparations and plans

Discussion in 'Food, Water Storage and other Prepper Gear' started by breakingcontact, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact TGT Addict

    Oct 16, 2012
    Outside Austin
    I'm recovering from an illness that in a 3rd world country, absent antibiotics, would have very possibly killed me.

    Pretty humbling to consider that and it got me to thinking. Even some minor injuries left untreated could turn deadly. Additionally, unsanitary conditions develop rapidly as does disease thereafter. Common bone head injuries that many of us have encountered in life need to be mitigated against as well.

    So once our economy fails, or whatever it is exactly we are preparing for, what are your preparations and plans to?:

    -stay healthy
    -get healthy if ill

    -stay uninjured
    -fix injuries

    I don't have all the answers, that's why I'm posting. Some of the things I do keep on hand are:

    -for sanitation: lots of large plastic bags, a good amount of bleach

    -to prevent injuries: gloves, eye protection for each member of my party (eye injuries are underrated)

    *I have the basic first aid supplies and a fair amount of training in the basics. What I am lacking in is serious medical supplies.

  2. TheDan

    TheDan 4th Best Member TGT Supporter

    Nov 11, 2008
    Austin - Rockdale
    It's pretty easy to make penicillin... too bad I'm allergic to it :p
  3. HKaltwasser

    HKaltwasser Active Member

    I agree, something that seems very minor in our current society could be crippling in tough times if you don't have the right stuff.

    I have a field army trauma pack with 230 items that I'm trying to make sure that I understand how to use properly.
    medic 2 003.jpg
    I keep many tubes of triple antibiotics
    few gallons of bleech
    about 10 bottles of peroxide
    7 bottles of alcohol
    need some livestock antibiotics
    antibacterial soap
    few large bottles of hand sanitizer
    chidrens Motrin & Tylenol supply rotated and kept up to date
    Large bottles of Vodka
    Multi vitamins/vitamins
    About 60 rolls of TP
    4 packages of paper plates
    5 packages of plastic utensils
    Musinex is a must
    whole garlic clove daily intake...natural antibiotic booster.
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  4. kirk10100

    kirk10100 Active Member

    Dec 21, 2011
    El Paso
    Having antibiotics is very important in case of a natural disaster or whatever. I live on the border and I have access to antibiotics without a prescription. I always keep a small supply on hand but this got me wondering what the shelf life of antibiotics would be? I wouldn't mind having a larger supply on hand. Any ideas?
  5. Imran520

    Imran520 New Member

    Nov 1, 2013
    Yes. It is easy way to make penicillin.
  6. HKaltwasser

    HKaltwasser Active Member

    Could you share the process?

    I know it's easy to start, but extracting the good mold from the bad seems to be the sketchy part. It might be a risk worth taking in bad times ,but aren't there harmful molds mixed with the penicillan? I'd love to hear the process if there's a decent way to extract all of the harmful molds.
  7. HKaltwasser

    HKaltwasser Active Member

  8. TheDan

    TheDan 4th Best Member TGT Supporter

    Nov 11, 2008
    Austin - Rockdale
    This is probably the best explanation I've seen:!!!
    I'm never going to try it out tho because I'm pretty allergic to mold.
  9. Texas42

    Texas42 TGT Addict

    Nov 21, 2008
    Yeah. . . that sounds like a good idea. . . . :facepalm:

    Besides, plain penicillin is pretty much worthless in 2013. . . . except for some strep infections and syphilis.
  10. HillRider

    HillRider Active Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    Helotes, TX
    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I am becoming more interested in this as well. Off the top of my head:
    Water filters. Clean water supply and waste disposal. Safe food storage and preparation. Mosquito nets and deet spray. Vitamin C, lots of it, and other high quality supplements, dried superfoods, and mineral sources. Iodine sources for thyroid health. Of course quality food sources. Hightened common sense and carefulness, a recognition that life is precious and can be taken in an instant.

    This would be prevention, as for treatment:
    A safe place to heal and relax. Of course antibiotics (already mentioned). Snake-bite kit. Morphine and other pain killers. First aid kit and basic medical training, such as setting bones, stiching wounds, stopping bleeding, injecting morphine, inserting iv. For superbugs, quality silver and iodine. Knowledge of local plants and herbs that have healing effects. Whiskey--what can't it do?

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