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    Feb 17, 2009

    KIIITV News

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    September 20, 2009

    This week, the public will have an opportunity to meet Corpus Christi's next Police Chief.
    City Council members are expected to confirm the appointment of 43 year old Troy Riggs of Louisville, Kentucky during Tuesday's meeting.
    The city hasn't had a permanent police chief since December, when the former chief, Bryan Smith was demoted.
    On Thursday, there will be a meet and greet event at the American Bank Center. His first day on the job will be Monday, October 5th.

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    Jan 28, 2009
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  3. TxEMTP69

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    Feb 17, 2009
    yup, having someone from outside the area might be a benefit. There were some good canidates but I think the last one that came from within put a bad taste in some people's mouths
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    Is he from the left or right side of the family tree?

    I lived in Lexington for a few years, I always joked that when I arrived I added a third side to the family tree.

    Lets hope he does better than the last one they had.
  5. cuate

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    Check out his boots, if he wears western boots, thats half the equasion, it there a little grass between the boots and the soles, thats 3/4th, and if there is the odor of horse droppings from the soles, he will probably do but he best savvy how to talk our lingo.....Guns, guns, and guns and a little knowledge of how we do things, not how they did it in Kentucky......
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    I joined that PD when Bill Banner was Chief. Good ole boy network all of the way, and you had better play the game if you wanted to ever get a position away from chasing calls.

    Walsh was, and I imagine still is, a part of that network.

    When Banner retired the City Council decided to hire a person from out of the area. They chose some out of town guy who came in and did nothing but try yo turn CC into his old town without regard for the history of the area or its unique problems. He lasted just a couple of years.

    When Henry Garrett was made Chief he took the dept. in a great direction. Garrett had been Commander of the Uniform Division when I joined, and I found him fair and a good leader.

    Although no Chief ever gets the full support or cooperation of the grunts, Garrett did better than most ever do. He was a good Chief.

    They then hired from within again, making Alvarez the Chief. Not only was he a part of the good ole boy network, he was worse. He was part of a smaller subculture in the dept. I was glad I was gone when he was Chief. God rest his soul.

    Mosely, who the CCPD website lists as the interim Chief, was in my academy. He had been with CCPD before, but left during the oil boon. He was made to repeat the academy when he returned, and he is a good guy.

    I could not understand why Smith was made Chief, but with the issues locals have had, I am not surprised that the city hired an outsider.

    I wonder if Chief Riggs will bring Murtaugh with him.
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    Mr. Joshua says no.

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