Men Pose As Police, Search Sauk County Home

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    I could not find the thread on police breaking into wrong address, so I started a new thread.

    Authorities: Men Pose As Police, Search Sauk County Home

    Men Took Computer, Camcorder With Them

    Updated: 10:57 am CDT August 3, 2009
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    TOWN OF DELLONA, Wis. -- Authorities are investigation after men posing as police officers searched a home in Sauk County last week.
    The Sauk County Sheriff's Department said two men went to a home in the Town of Dellona, near Baraboo, on Friday night. The men claimed to be state investigators who were executing a search warrant.
    Both men were dressed in suit coats and at least one of them was described as wearing a belt clip badge and a gun in his shoulder holster. Neither man gave a name, rank or agency, according to the sheriff's department.
    The men had official-looking paperwork and searched the residence for hours. They took computer hardware and software, along with a camcorder from the home.
    The men are believed to be in their 30s and drove a dark, mid-sized car with tinted windows.
    The sheriff's department is reminding residents that while local, state and federal agencies do use search warrants, real officers can provide a photo ID and a copy of the search warrant.
    The Sauk County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident and asking anyone with information to call 888-847-7285 (TIP-SAUK).

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    WOW! Never be afraid to ask for the warrant and while they are searching the home call their department and ask about the legitimacy of the visit. Because if they are serving you a search warrant they have likely been in contact with you at some point other than the search. If they can't give me a department, a name with a photo ID, or a search warrant they aint gettin in.
  3. GM.Chief

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    Holy Crap!!! That would be horrible to find out you'd been had like that. Definitely double check as BC said.
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    So if you want to call 911 to verify, and the cop tells you to get off the phone, would you?
  5. Bigs Wife

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    yes but you see, if they are already in your house, remembering that they aren't real cops, do you really think they are going to ALLOW you to call their "department"? They do have guns....
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    Most agencies around here call us and ask for a uniform to accompany them on such warrant services. The deputy and/or a supervisor will review the credentials and the warrant to insure they are legit. Uniform will accompany them and stand by wor the search to make sure nothing stupid happens. Many State "investigators" are accountants or tech geeks that do not have the first clue how to deal with the public. 98% of the Feds fall into that category also.
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    If you're assisting on a warrant, and the suspect demands to call your HQ to verify that you're legit, do you let them? What if they want to call their attorney/next of kin?

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