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Mesquite Heat wildfire in Taylor County

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  • vmax

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    Apr 15, 2013
    The current status of the fire is mostly contained but that is with caution.
    The winds have been strong out of the north for 24 hrs. There was a cool front that arrived on Friday and brought in much needed humidity up to 40% at one point
    Whereas the humidity at the worst point was 9% on Wed afternoon when it was moving south towards the town of Buffalo Gap.

    Crews are mainly chasing down hots spots and flare ups or as they call it "mopping up"

    The concern now I am hearing from on scene commanders is this north wind is pretty strong and if it gets loose again to the south of 277 there is nothing in the way it will go for a long time across the Arrow Head Ranch and continue south maybe even putting the Abilene State Park in danger.

    Monday thru Wed we have rain in the forecast and boy could we use that. We just don't want the winds that are predicted to be high tomorrow

    I have also been monitoring the TX Forest Service air to ground frequencies and yesterday they released 2 tankers back to Brownwood and New Mexico so they must feel they are on the back end of this this. But those tankers are just an hr away if needed.

    Hwy 277 about 10 miles from Abilene takes you into a canyon and up a rise and thru a pretty area (used to be) That place looks like the moon surface with bare trees standing.

    AEP and contract crews have been there replacing power poles and restoring lines. Yesterday they got a 138KV line back hot again. They have been busting ass.

    Every guardrail in that canyon got burned out and is being replaced by crews already.

    There was a Bison wild game ranch that got destroyed "Buffalo Mountain Ranch" is on the gate. The firemen have had to deal with the bison wandering around the area and have had to try to keep the others inside the gate. They have to keep the gate open for crews so someone has to babysit the gate 24/7

    This is now the largest wildfire in Taylor County History with over 5000 acres effected.

    Here are some pics I took yesterday and the link to some video I took




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    Jul 23, 2011
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    My god, the price of meat alone......what a waste.
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