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    Feb 26, 2009
    sigforum owner...this is a poorly run bunch


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    May 25, 2008
    IMHO, what may have prompted the OP:

    In a recent SF thread the individual in question was taunting a forum member by repeatedly asking him for mansex in very graphic and explicit terms. Some of the membership was cheering him on. It was like Bizarro world. It's a gun board, not Mary's club in Montrose. I've seen posts now on several different gun owner forums mentioning the eccentricity and outright boorish behavior by Packwood.

    First off, if you don't want someone on your forum, remove them. Second, I don't understand why a gun forum owner would demonstrate his bravado through detailed and repeated homo-erotic postings. It was really creepy and that particular forum owner seems to be sinking deeper into odd behavior, including overtly racist posts. He recently sold another forum that he owns, so it appears that he's venting in inappropriate ways. He's not doing gun owners any favors regarding image and I'd imagine that anyone affiliated with SIG would quickly want to distance themselves from that place.
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