military/airforce coverall liner??

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    Those are fine. I am not certain what the Air Force issues but the ARMY issues what we call Polypros short for POLYPROPYLENE. It is a a separate top and bottom. The good side to this is that if the weather changes through out the day you could easily down grade(take off) the top. Many times it has been below freezing in the mornings and we desperately need them on, come noon moving around in under the sun can be quite stuffy. It traps body heat. Great for keeping you warm alright.... and I mean that. So if you buy that one piece you showed us know that you will be in them all day in the field as oppose to the 2 piece I've listed.

    Also, another option would be to get the cold weather jacket that matches your camo. Im sure you thought of this already but just throwing it out there.

    Here are the Polypros I am talking about.

    Yahoo! Image Detail for

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