Missing RIA 1911 .22TCM

Discussion in 'TGT Family Reunion' started by IXLR8, Apr 5, 2015.

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    Wholly necrothread... :)

    The .22 TCM is a fantastic shooting pistol. There is negligible recoil, 2100 fps out of a 5" barrel, and a huge fireball with every shot. Mine came with a 9mm barrel and recoil spring as well as the .22.
    Many like it because it looks and operates like a 1911.
    When it was introduced at SHOT, it was not on the pistol range, instead it was with the rifles at the 100yd range!
    The last time I shot it at a pistol range, after I took my first shot pretty much everyone stopped and looked at me. Most thought it must be a big bore like a Desert Eagle due to the sound. I told them "no, it's a .22".

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