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Discussion in 'Austin' started by TheDan, Dec 30, 2016.

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    It's criminal-racket put on by the Austin City Council and the contracting companies who build the roads. Austin's corrupt as they come, which is typical of a city run by Democrats.

    As for Mopac, where they could have EASILY built two-lanes with NO TOLLS, they instead decided that a single lane and one exorbitant toll was a better plan. It was delivered late (still isn't completely done) and over-budget.

    All the while Governor Abbott has a panel of TX representatives auditing TXDOT and their prolific use of tollways in Texas. Abbott tasked them with coming up with a plan to make Texas toll-free by 2018. So far, they've found several tollways in Houston and Dallas that have been paid off for years, yet Texas residents are still being charged millions of dollars worth of tolls.

    ...where's the money going? ...why isn't it used state-wide to build more efficient infrastructure? ...why are democrats ruining my fucking city with their moronic ideas!?

    ETA: When I say "my city", I mean the city where I was born, where I met my wife, and the city we moved out of to get away from the traffic and growth. We aren't OUT completely, but Hutto has more farm dirt than concrete and that's the way I like it.

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    Nov 27, 2013
    I thought MoPac was a TxDOT project, no?
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    As far as I'm aware, the Austin City Council are the one's that approve the codes, permits, contractors, quotes, etc for anything inside of Austin City Limits. TXDOT merely facilitate the process and possibly overseas the overall project's budget (which they fail at almost constantly.)

    This is why Abbott is auditing it all. He know's it's a racket and he knows there's corruption and somewhere a group of people is heavily benefiting from the incessant use of tollways in Texas as newly developed roadways.

    Not to mention, the 130 Toll was paid for twice now, much like we paid for the clusterfuck of an intersection at the Y in Oak Hill (290/71) twice. Hell, we even paid for a contractor (who was kin to someone on the council) to spend a month in France "studying" an intersection of the same design...then 10 years later (2015), the intersection was actually built.

    I may be wrong though, so if someone knows better, please correct me.
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    You know your Republican representatives are gung ho for tollroads now instead of publicly financed roads right? Thats been state policy for almost a decade now.

    Also IIRC but the 130 partnership went bankrupt.

    Having said that, I agree. Tolls should go away when paid, but they never ever ever are.
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    Former Governor Rick Perry was pro-toll.

    Governor Greg Abbott is anti-toll.

    Here's a petition at regarding this issue:

    Otherwise, here's the articles on Abbott and TXDOT's current audit of Texas Tollways:

    Texas Lawmakers Explore Ending Toll Roads March, 2016

    Abbott Signs Anti-Toll Bill - June, 2016

    Lawmakers Lean Toward Removing Texas Tolls - August, 2016

    Key States in 2016 Election - Recently Tossing Pro-Toll Incumbents - November, 2016
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    Mmmm a whole year where apparently absolutly nothing was done (when Republicans were in charge). Until I see something different, they are continuing to support it.
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    Are you being intentionally obtuse, or are you just not reading anything?

    Your blanket statement is false based on the fact that Abbott is Anti-Toll and has been saying so since before he took office. Therefore, he doesn't support it.

    He's only been in office for 2 years, so I'd say they're making progress where Pro-Toll, Quasi-Republican, Rick Perry failed.
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    Texas, land of Tex-Mex
    Excuses are like assholes. Everybody got one.
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    Seeing as the lane was intended for public transit buses, registered vanpools and emergency vehicles, I would assume chances of not being stuck behind one or the other are probably nil.
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    Texas legislature wasn't in session last year.

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