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Jan 22, 2018
Big Country
Current assortment ...

2016 1290 Super Adventure.
Has almost 30K miles on the clock.
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2019 KTM 500 EXC-F
Has two trips to Big Bend on it and numerous excursions to Walnut Springs and Red River.
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Barn find project ...
1982 Honda CB750 Super Sport

Slowly repairing and replacing parts back to OEM

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Recently parted ways with a DRZ400, 1250 Bandit and 1800 Gold Wing.

Retirement ... I highly recommend it.
That 500!!! Some Serious BARK!!!!


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Jul 23, 2019
Silsbee, Texas
Here is the 2010 HD Ultra Classic Limited that I sold last year. After nearly 50 years of riding bikes, on and off road, I decided it was time to stop. In all of those years I never had any serious injuries.

2010 HD 1.jpg

Before this bike, I had a 2004 HD Electra Glide and I put 78K on it. I don't have any pictures handy.



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Jul 11, 2009
East Houston
30 motorcycles and 50+ years of riding and I finally had to give it up. Nothing in my life has given me more pleasure, fun, adventure and joy than riding motorcycles!

I rode moto, hill climbing, trials, road and made gigantic USA trips aboard bikes. I wouldn't trade those experiences for ANYTHING!

I was looking at some new rides in a motorcycle shop. A kid came up to me and said his Mom thinks motorcycles are dangerous. I replied that motorcycles are just fine. WOMEN are dangerous!



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Aug 9, 2009
El Paso
oooh i like that rc30
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